Horror Movie Screenplays 10 Steps To Writing A Horror Script

A horror movie has certain rules. if​ you break too many the​ audience will be disappointed.

This is​ a​ very short,​ no fluff,​ blueprint of​ how to​ write a​ horror script.

1. the​ Hook. Start with a​ bang. Step right into a​ suspense scene. ("Scream" opens with a​ terrifying sequence with Drew Barrymore on​ the​ phone with a​ killer)

2. the​ Flaw. Introduce your hero. Give him a​ flaw. Before you can put your hero in​ jeopardy we​ must care for him. we​ must want our hero to​ succeed. So make him human. (In "Signs" Mel Gibson plays a​ priest who has lost his faith after his wife died)

3. the​ Fear. a​ variant of​ the​ Flaw. the​ hero has a​ fear. Maybe a​ fear of​ heights,​ or​ claustrophobia. (In "Jaws" Roy Scheider has a​ fear of​ water. at​ the​ end he has to​ conquer his fear by going out onto the​ ocean to​ kill the​ shark)

4. No Escape. Have your hero at​ an​ isolated location where he can't escape the​ horror. (Like the​ hotel in​ "The Shining")

5. Foreplay. Tease the​ audience. Make them jump at​ scenes that appear scary -- but turn out to​ be completely normal. (Like the​ cat jumping out of​ the​ closet) Give them some more foreplay before bringing in​ the​ real monster.

6. Evil Attacks. a​ couple of​ times during the​ middle of​ the​ script show how evil the​ monster can be -- as​ it​ attacks its victims.

7. Investigation. the​ hero investigates,​ and finds out the​ truth behind the​ horror.

8. Showdown. the​ final confrontation. the​ hero has to​ face both his fear and the​ monster. the​ hero uses his brain,​ rather than muscles,​ to​ outsmart the​ monster. (At the​ end of​ "The Village" the​ blind girl tricks the​ monster to​ fall into the​ hole in​ the​ ground)

9. Aftermath. Everything's back to​ the​ way it​ was from the​ beginning -- but the​ hero has changed for the​ better or​ for the​ worse. (At the​ end of​ "Signs" Mel Gibson puts on​ his clerical collar again -- he got his faith back)

10. Evil Lurks. we​ see evidence that the​ monster may return somewhere..somehow..in the​ future..(Almost all "Friday the​ 13'th"-movies end with Jason showing signs of​ returning for another sequel)

Go for it. Good luck!

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