Homeschooling With A Disability 225

Homeschooling with a​ disability
If you feel that your child suffers from a​ disability that
seriously hampers his ability to​ stick to​ a​ routine,​ then
homeschooling is​ your best choice .​
The child will be constantly
under your supervision .​
But he will be gaining a​ lot of​ quality
education,​ in​ spite of​ his disability .​
This is​ rather surprising,​
considering how children with disabilities are stigmatized in​
public schools.
Goal setting is​ an​ important part of​ homeschooling a​ child with
disability .​
Set the​ number of​ working hours per week for the​
child .​
a​ child with a​ disability may have his bad days .​
the learning hours according to​ the​ needs and interests of​ the​
child .​
Use the​ computer .​
This way,​ he will have all the​
necessary information right at​ his fingertips while staying within
the confines of​ his home.
Field trips and other educational activities are just as​
important .​
Get help from your support group .​
Visit places of​
interest and interact with other children in​ the​ group .​
Take your
child out for some activities,​ so that he can socialize .​
Let him
set his own pace with making friends .​
This will help in​
strengthening his self-esteem.
Above all,​ remember that homeschooling is​ just the​ same,​ even when
your child suffers from a​ disability .​
You will just need to​ look
for the​ right opportunities and the​ easiest alternatives to​
achieve the​ same goals .​

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