Homeschooling While You Shop

Yes,​ it​ can be done! we​ are all busy juggling multiple tasks at​ once,​ and it​ does not get any easier when you are homeschooling. Here is​ an​ idea to​ get your children to​ help out with a​ chore and provide them with a​ learning opportunity at​ the​ same time.

Before going to​ the​ grocery store,​ ask your children to​ help you with a​ shopping list. You can go around the​ house - the​ fridge,​ pantry,​ and the​ bathroom cabinet,​ etc.- and categorise the​ list. You can also go through the​ flyer and see what's on​ sale and check on​ the​ price differences from one store to​ the​ another. (You can also discuss distribution channel and marketing for older kids.) Bring a​ calculator (if your kids prefer doing math that way) for your shopping trip.

Once you are at​ the​ grocery store,​ let the​ children do the​ shopping while you supervise. Show them how to​ select items based on​ the​ quality and/or price. While you are comparing the​ price,​ do a​ quick math lesson,​ or​ if​ you buy multiple of​ one item,​ what the​ total price differences would be. in​ the​ produce section,​ discuss where fruits and vegetables are from,​ and why you find thing from that particular climate. You can also talk about environment and organic produce. Have children weight vegitables and ask them how much a​ pound and a​ half of​ grapes would be.

In the​ meat and seafood section,​ discuss where they come from,​ how they keep them fresh,​ and what would happen if​ they are not kept cold. Many seafood items are imported,​ so you may discuss geography. if​ you are cooking a​ roast that day,​ you may have the​ children use the​ meat themometer and determine how cooked it​ is,​ and if​ it​ is​ safe to​ eat.

While you are in​ line at​ the​ check out counter,​ take out your coupons and ask them how much you can save if​ you use the​ double coupons. if​ you buy 3 Klenex tissue boxes on​ sale for $3,​ and have $.75 off coupon,​ how much would each box costs? How about if​ you get "buy one get one free" can of​ soup for $2.50 and have $.50 off coupon?

Don't forget to​ recycle those soda cans and talk about aluminum,​ recycling,​ and environment! On the​ way home,​ talk about how much gas you used for what distance,​ and how you can save money and environment by reducing the​ number of​ trips you take each month. Why is​ the​ gas so expensive? Where does the​ oil come from? How about the​ new hybrid cars? if​ the​ kids are done talking,​ you can listen to​ a​ CD and complete you day with a​ music lesson!

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