Homeschooling And College

Homeschooling And College

Homeschooling and college
As children grow out of​ their little pants and are ready to​ begin
their teens,​ many parents wonder if​ they should continue with the​
homeschooling program .​
They fear that colleges may not give equal
opportunities to​ a​ child educated at​ home .​
Many fears of​ this kind were put to​ rest when 2 homeschooled boys
got admission into Harvard .​
Harvard does not require a​ high school
diploma for gaining admission to​ their degree program .​
colleges are more interested in​ the​ knowledge and behavior of​ the​
homeschooled children rather than their high school diplomas .​
fact,​ other things being similar many colleges prefer
homeschoolers because of​ the​ diversity and richness they bring to​
their college life.
Admission requirements may vary .​
While some colleges require the​
child to​ appear for the​ SAT,​ others may need a​ general equivalency
diploma .​
And some may not care for any tests at​ all .​
The criterion
may vary depending on​ the​ college that you wish to​ apply to​ .​
college courses really do not require any high school background
or special training .​
It is​ common to​ come across parents who frantically try to​ shift
out their homeschool children to​ high schools because they fear
unavailability of​ college admissions .​
But college admissions are
open to​ all educated individuals,​ regardless of​ whether they are
educated at​ home or​ at​ a​ public school.

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