Homeschooling The Add Adhd Child

Homeschooling The Add Adhd Child

As homeschool parents,​ there are many options for teaching our children. I have found the​ variety out there to​ actually be overwhelming,​ but few resources actually meet my needs. My son is​ gifted,​ but has ADHD. as​ a​ clinician and a​ professor,​ I hated seeing him struggle in​ school. Each day he would tell me he had "Carnitors" (T-Rex's for the​ rest of​ us) in​ his tummy. After meeting with his teacher several times,​ it​ became clear that the​ school was unable/unwilling to​ meet his needs to​ my satisfaction. Kids with ADD/ADHD need a​ place with few distractions,​ short bursts of​ learning followed by physical activity,​ structure and learning materials tailored to​ how they learn and learning times scheduled around when they learn best.

After spending several months and several hours each day creating his lessons piece-meal,​ I found a​ couple of​ wonderful resources. the​ first is​ AOL at​ school: There is​ an​ amazing amount of​ information,​ links to​ complete online textbooks and more. This is​ where I go when he finds a​ topic of​ interest and he wants to​ know more. (Remember when we​ had to​ get our parents to​ take us to​ the​ library?) One of​ the​ benefits here is​ that it​ is​ FREE! the​ textbooks range from kindergarten all the​ way through high school and cover most topics.

The second resource I found serves as​ the​ foundation for our homeschooling curriculum: Time4Learning provides a​ multimedia,​ interactive experience for kids covering all basic subject areas. For children with ADD/ADHD,​ you can break it​ down into snippets of​ 10 minute lessons. Additionally,​ many of​ the​ lessons combine subjects. That is,​ the​ "Language Arts" lessons are often on​ topics of​ health,​ science and history. This helps ease my mind considerably,​ because I can know he is​ learning educational material when he reads. (Many of​ the​ so called reading books from his public school were no more than See Spot Run). the​ other advantage with Time4Learning is​ that they set your child up at​ his/her grade level.

As I said,​ despite the​ ADHD,​ my son is​ gifted. He is​ set up to​ do 2nd grade work (he is​ in​ first grade),​ but he can progress as​ fast as​ he can and still master the​ material,​ or​ he can have easy/review days and do grade-level work. For parents,​ you can create an​ assignment book that links Time4Learning assignments to​ the​ skills they were supposed to​ learn. I use this to​ record his grades for the​ school board to​ review each year. I have found customer service to​ be very receptive to​ suggestions,​ they are regularly adding new features and their customer support is​ prompt and courteous.

A third resource is​ This site has TONS of​ ideas,​ printable worksheets and activities. Since kids with ADD/ADHD have difficulty switching tasks,​ it​ is​ often preferable to​ have one "subject" per day and present it​ in​ a​ variety of​ formats (reading about it,​ watching a​ movie about it,​ applying it).

Other resources include:

Discovery School:

ABC Teach:



Everything4Kids: (This is​ geared to​ the​ older or​ advanced student)


These last resources do not have a​ syllabus or​ curriculum,​ but they are FUN. For the​ child with ADD/ADHD this is​ especially important. Some days they are too stressed,​ tired or​ focused on​ something else to​ concentrate on​ "the basics." as​ long as​ this does not happen too often,​ it​ is​ fine to​ let your child do an​ off-topic educational activity that he or​ she is​ interested in. in​ our house it​ is​ usually wildlife (,​ dinosaurs(KidsKnowIt) or​ space (NASA).

One suggestion is​ to​ set kid's profiles up with icons on​ their desktops to​ only the​ 5-10 sites they are supposed to​ go to. My children will often stay on​ the​ coputer for hours if​ they can. Children with ADD get overwhelmed if​ they have too many choices and things to​ look at. This helps limit their distractions.

Sean went from a​ child who would look at​ a​ page in​ a​ book and say "Far too many words" to​ a​ child who reads to​ me and asks "Was I reading fluently Mommy?" I have gotten the​ time back in​ my day to​ start working part-time again. Between these all of​ these resources most any child and/or homeschool family can find what they are looking for.

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