Homeschooling 101 Grading Your Childs Work

Homeschooling is​ slowly becoming a​ trend for some families. it​ has many advantages,​ from the​ academic,​ social,​ moral to​ the​ religious point of​ view while several parents cite other child-centered reasons (like their children’s health or​ safety). These reasons (or a​ combination of​ them) have been what most homeschooling families are giving out when asked why homeschool.

Perhaps most homeschooling families enjoy the​ flexible time homeschooling gives them and the​ interaction they can have with their children. There are,​ of​ course,​ certain difficulties and questions regarding homeschooling. One of​ them is​ regarding grading your children and keeping them up to​ par with most colleges’ standards.

The real question most parents want answered is​ why they need to​ bother grading their children’s homeschooling. the​ answer is​ simply because you may want to​ know if​ your children are learning something and if​ they are at​ par with children their age.

There are several ways you could find out if​ your child is​ learning or​ progressing in​ his or​ her lessons. One is​ through simple tests or​ exercises you can find in​ books. Another is​ through standardized exams you can find online or​ with the​ help of​ school officials that you know. Standardized tests help you find out if​ your children are doing fine and are at​ par with their peers. Standardized tests come as​ subject-specific tests and testing your children with these exams will help you determine what subjects they need to​ give more attention to,​ if​ there are any at​ all.

Grading your children’s progress includes giving exams or​ tests and most,​ if​ not all,​ children find tests as​ a​ waste of​ time. This is​ a​ very important factor to​ look into. Most parents find other alternatives or​ how to​ make an​ exam more enjoyable for children. Some of​ the​ alternatives include mixing playing with testing. Another alternative is​ to​ give rewards (such as​ seeing that new movie) whenever a​ child gets a​ perfect score in​ an​ exam. There are several alternatives and it’s up to​ you to​ play to​ what you think will make your child happier.

Another factor that could help you decide if​ your children need to​ take these tests is​ if​ you think they need to​ experience them. Most colleges require a​ rigorous standard type of​ exam (meaning college aspirants are pressured with regards to​ time) and children who haven’t experienced being pressed for time might have some difficulties passing these kinds of​ tests.

Another factor to​ be looked at​ is​ how the​ test results will be used. Tests are designed mainly to​ find out if​ your children need more help with one area of​ one subject and where they excel the​ most. That is​ not the​ sole reason though. Other reasons include knowing how your children react to​ pressure and failure or​ success. These are important things to​ evaluate as​ they influence your children,​ especially their values.

Another reason is​ to​ find out if​ your children learn from their mistakes. This can be a​ good gauge of​ your children’s progress and be a​ proof that they are indeed learning with homeschooling.

Another factor for your decision is​ how teachers and school officials view testing. They will definitely have different ideas and different sides with regards to​ the​ need to​ test your children. Other school officials will probably cite the​ need to​ monitor the​ progress of​ your children and knowing where they need help and where they can excel. Other officials will have a​ different opinion stating that testing should not be done as​ tests and exams are not the​ only gauge and way to​ monitor one’s growth. Both sides will have strong arguments and listening to​ their sides might help you on​ deciding which side is​ right.

Of course,​ there are parents who do one-on-one homeschooling (meaning they personally teach their own children) that find testing their children is​ unnecessary. it​ is​ because most of​ them are seeing the​ progress of​ their children up close. They can see where their children are having an​ easy time and what subjects they need more time with. it​ is​ one of​ the​ advantages of​ teaching your own child rather than hiring paid help but you should also realize that there are other things you can’t teach your children that they may need to​ know.

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