Homeschool Staying Connected

Homeschool - staying connected
The world has become a​ jungle of​ knowledge .​
Wherever you turn,​ you
find a​ new fruit that just has to​ be passed on​ to​ your child .​
the middle of​ all the​ knowledge flying to​ and fro,​ we​ sometimes
forget to​ talk and relax with our children .​
a​ mom who doubles as​ a​
teacher needs to​ leave the​ teacher behind and simply become mom
for a​ few hours everyday.
Listen to​ your child .​
Do not just hear the​ words,​ but notice the​
emotion too .​
Many children find it​ difficult to​ express exactly
what they want .​
Talk to​ your child about general stuff and allow
him to​ be 'just a​ kid' .​
When you talk to​ your child,​ as​ for his
opinions .​
Few things please him more .​
It also adds kilos to​ his
self-confidence .​
Most parents interrupt when their children talk .​
We,​ as​ adults,​
detest it​ when someone cuts across our lines .​
Kids keep mum
because they are forced to​ be silent when we​ shut them up .​
this is​ unhealthy and unfair .​
Allow your child to​ finish and then
express your views in​ a​ rational manner .​
The child should have the​
confidence to​ confide in​ you.
Gentle parenting is​ the​ key to​ successful homeschooling .​
Be a​
parent first,​ and then a​ teacher .​

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