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There are a​ number of​ ways to​ find homeschool message boards and other supports on​ the​ web the​ days. But before anything else,​ I think it​ is​ necessary for you to​ know the​ basic concept of​ homeschooling. For the​ newbies and the​ curious,​ note and understand the​ following details:

The term “homeschooling” actually means to​ educate your children at​ home rather than in​ public or​ private school. Homeschooling exists in​ a​ number of​ ways. One of​ the​ most common is​ unschooling or​ child-led education,​ that is,​ when you follow your children’s natural interests and curiosities to​ educate them. There is​ also the​ School at​ Home method is​ when you purchase the​ textbooks for all subjects and follow much the​ same ideology put in​ practice in​ traditional school. Also,​ there are the​ classical approach or​ trivium,​ Montessori method,​ unit studies,​ and the​ satellite school. You will know everything about these approaches when you consider participating on​ homeschool message boards.

But,​ where exactly on​ the​ web you can find and participate in​ homeschool message boards? I have a​ few sites below that you can visit if​ you are really serious of​ knowing the​ different aspects of​ homeschooling,​ or​ you just want to​ know and make friends with people who are also interested in​ homeschooling.

Homeschool Central

Homeschool Central now offers a​ number of​ areas covering homeschooling. They also have maintained a​ lot of​ homeschool message boards that you can join if​ you want to​ post advices,​ ask questions or​ post comments on​ the​ other users’ posts. And,​ perhaps what’s best about this site is​ that it​ offers not only its own homeschool message boards,​ but also other links to​ forums that discuss about homeschooling.

Teen Homeschool Hang

This site was designed and developed for one particular purpose – to​ provide homeschooled teenagers a​ way to​ hand out with other homeschoolers of​ their age from all over the​ world,​ and to​ supply interesting things to​ do and read online. it​ is​ also nice to​ know that this site is​ a​ safe site. So,​ teens can have fun exchanging thoughts on​ the​ homeschool message boards and parents don’t have to​ worry. Also,​ this site is​ a​ Christian-based,​ but everyone is​ actually welcome. the​ managers and moderators of​ their homeschool message boards are current homeschoolers or​ recent homeschool graduates. So,​ whether you’ve been homeschooled your whole life or​ you just started heomeschooling,​ the​ Teen Homeschool Hang has a​ place for you online.

CRA California Homeschool

CRA California Homeschool message boards are the​ ideal place to​ go for California homeschoolers. This is​ where you can meet together online for support,​ questions,​ encouragement,​ and answers. Also,​ this is​ the​ exact place to​ share your homeschooling successes and struggles with the​ other California homeschoolers. What’s more nice to​ know about the​ homeschool message boards maintained by CRA is​ that their forums are open to​ all homeschoolers,​ afterschoolers,​ and people considering homeschooling or​ those who are seeking information. You can also post inquiries about general parenting and family issues here as​ these matters are highly welcome.

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