Homeschool Id Cards

Homeschool Id Cards

The number of​ homeschool students grew from 1.2 in​ 2003 to​ a​ staggering 2.4 million in​ 2006 according to​ the​ National Home Education Research Institute. With this type of​ growth you have to​ wander what is​ the​ cause for the​ amazing increase in​ homeschool attendance.

Based on​ surveys,​ there are three primary reasons children are being trained at​ home instead of​ the​ government funded solution. the​ primary reason parents have chosen to​ train their kids is​ to​ incorporate religion into their curriculum. Tied closely are other parents that have decided to​ incorporate moral training into their courses. Both of​ these have been continuously removed from the​ education children receive when trained publicly. the​ third reason parents have chosen to​ train their own children is​ because the​ alternative is​ viewed as​ an​ inferior education in​ comparison to​ the​ education they could receive at​ home.

When reviewing the​ results of​ the​ education being provided these kids are commonly testing up to​ thirty percent higher than publicly educated students while saving taxpayers an​ astounding 16 billion dollars annually.

One of​ the​ major challenges these 2.4 million students and their teachers are faced with is​ being able to​ prove their status as​ homeschoolers. When students and teachers come from a​ public or​ even a​ private school they are provided with school ID cards. Alternatively homeschoolers are forced to​ seek out a​ solution for themselves when it​ comes to​ school identification.

There are several reasons homeschoolers need identification cards starting with the​ need to​ prove they are not breaking the​ truancy laws of​ the​ country. Commonly home schooled students are not on​ the​ same schedule as​ publicly educated kids. Having the​ ability to​ produce a​ school ID card would be a​ simple solution,​ but without one it​ appears the​ kid is​ ditching class.

Another reason homeschool students want identification cards is​ to​ receive the​ benefits that many retailers offer to​ kids in​ school. Even the​ local theater offers discounted ticket prices to​ students and teachers carrying their school identification card. Parents that have become homeschool educators can receive discounts from both office supply and school supply stores if​ they can prove they are teachers.

Other reasons for needing ID cards range from boarding a​ plane since 9/11 to​ even being able to​ take college entrance exams such as​ SATs. the​ reasons are numerous why teachers and students need an​ answer.

Creatively these homeschoolers have found their answer by printing ID cards on​ their home/office printer and then laminating them at​ the​ local office supply store. Others have found solutions to​ produce plastic ID cards. Plastic or​ PVC identification cards are obviously of​ a​ much higher quality than laminating paper cards,​ although until recently it​ has been an​ expensive alternative. One of​ the​ main reasons plastic ID cards have been expensive is​ because of​ minimum order sizes and setup charges often charged by vendors.

A new vendor,​ has developed an​ affordable plastic ID card solution that works well for homeschools. Students or​ teachers can design their school ID card online as​ well as​ upload their own pictures. Orders can be made easily for even just one ID card if​ that is​ all that is​ needed.

Homeschool Id Cards

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