Homeschool Field Trips

Homeschool Field Trips

Homeschool - Field trips
If you are going over a​ particular subject with the​ family and
feel that a​ field trip would be beneficial,​ then that's what you
should do - go for a​ trip .​
If you are attached to​ a​ support group,​
you can plan to​ include other children too .​

Here are some guidelines that will help you plan:
1) Collect the​ rates
2) Allowed ages
3) Special highlights
4) Size of​ the​ group
5) Timings
6) Eating facilities
Inform your support group of​ all these details well in​ advance so
that the​ necessary circulars may be sent out .​
On the​ appointed
day,​ arrange to​ meet with other parents and children in​ a​
particular place .​
Plan the​ mode of​ travel and reach the​ place at​
least 10 minutes in​ advance .​
The field trip is​ not just fun .​
So,​ let your kids bring their
writing material .​
Allow them time to​ stare and admire .​
Do not
hurry them along .​
Collect data beforehand so that you can clear
doubts .​
Get help from a​ guide,​ if​ necessary .​
And most importantly,​
have fun and enjoy the​ time you spend with your children .​

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