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Home Remodeling is​ not just about replacing worn out kitchen, bathroom fittings, furniture and​ lighting. Decorating or​ giving a​ facelift to​ the general atmosphere - that will be a​ delight to​ the guest and​ pride to​ the owner- is​ also a​ part of​ home remodeling.

A short list of​ the items to​ be taken care of​ while remodeling includes - Clocks, curtains, fabric for​ furniture, floor cloths, towel racks and​ grab rails, curtains, mirrors, pottery, tablecloth, wall tapestries, and​ other decorative accessories.

Clocks are one of​ the most strikingly visible objects in​ any home. a​ very wide range of​ designs right from those of​ the mid 1950's designs, floor clocks, grandfather clocks, mantle pieces, and​ custom designed clocks are available in​ the market. for​ those who like to​ have bright colors, computer created digital paintings on​ textured glass and​ incandescent colors that double as​ wall clocks can be given a​ choice. Retro clocks from the 1950's with either red neon​ or​ green neon​ for​ the trim look striking with the right background decor. Floor clocks that look like an​ heirloom piece are available in​ Do it​ yourself kits or​ as​ a​ fully assembled piece. Choice of​ a​ clock to​ a​ lot depends upon​ the space and​ decor of​ the home.

Windows need a​ lot of​ dressing to​ keep up the appearance of​ a​ home. Curtains, curtain​ rods and​ add-ons to​ the curtain​ rods can make a​ window look more like a​ piece of​ art. Curtains in​ lace, Madras style lace curtains, and​ Venetian blinds in​ old style bring the window alive. Decorative rods in​ place of​ drab utilitarian rods give a​ personal touch to​ the windows. These decorative rods come in​ antique brown, gold, black and​ pewter. Finials in​ various designs, finishes, colors, materials and​ sizes can be purchased separately.

Man is​ never tired of​ looking at​ his reflection​ in​ a​ mirror. So, mirrors have been designed in​ such a​ way, that you​ have a​ "welcome" mirror to​ welcome the guests. Handcrafted and​ available in​ red, green and​ natural background, words on​ the frame's perimeter welcome the guests. Oak framed mirrors, mirrors embellished with leaf and​ various finials, besides mirrors' designed to​ look centuries old, bring a​ visual elegance to​ the home.

Pottery gets noticed and​ makes a​ silent comment on​ the owner. It’s true that original designs and​ makes cost a​ fortune, but careful search can bring in​ sturdier and​ safer than the original collection. Money can buy a​ tea set, finished in​ 22 carat gold from Imperial Hotel China collection. Creamy white aranware, fluted stoneware bowls in​ various sizes, the 1930s collection​ of​ multicolor Bauer dinnerware, and​ melamine and​ acrylic dinnerware are some of​ the choices available in​ choosing crockery for​ the dinner table.

Money can buy the most exotic things on​ earth, but commonsense will decide about the utility value of​ such things. Most of​ the things, bought today, falling prey to​ the salesman’s psychological selling, may end up in​ the attic in​ the long run. So, one has to​ be all the more careful before spending whatever money on​ remodeling the home.

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