Home Remedies For Shiny Hair

Home Remedies For Shiny Hair

Home Remedies for​ Shiny Hair
We all love our hair and​ would not mind taking that extra step to​ take care them . ​
for​ beautiful,​ lustrous and​ shiny hair use these simple home remedies . ​

• a​ tea and​ beer rinse is​ one of​ the​ oldest ways to​ bring shine to​ your hair . ​
Boil used tea leaves in​ enough water,​ let it​ cool and​ then use this liquid as​ the​ last rinse . ​

• in​ the​ similar fashion you​ can use flat beer i . ​
e . ​
after letting the​ fizz out . ​
This is​ a​ great conditioner to​ be used for​ your hair . ​

• Lemon juice mixed with water can also be used as​ a​ last rinse to​ give your hair a​ shiny and​ bouncy look . ​

• a​ shiny look is​ also provided if​ you​ use vinegar for​ your final rinse . ​

• to​ bring that shine one can use honey to​ keep your scalp moisturized . ​
you​ can make honey lotion for​ your hair by mixing 3 teaspoons of​ honey for​ pint of​ water . ​

• the​ use of​ henna as​ a​ natural conditioner proves to​ be very beneficial for​ your hair . ​
it​ helps to​ bring back the​ bounce and​ flair of​ your hair which has been lacking for​ quite a​ while . ​

• you​ can add small amount of​ baking soda in​ the​ shampoo which,​ removes dirt and​ grease from your hair to​ give you​ the​ shiny look . ​

• to​ remove the​ dirt and​ other matter from your hair you​ can use one fourth cup of​ apple cider vinegar in​ one gallon of​ condensed water . ​
This can be stored in​ the​ refrigerator and​ can be used every two weeks for​ clean,​ smooth,​ silky and​ shiny hair . ​
the​ proper way to​ use this solution is​ to​ wet your hair with warm water,​ shampoo it​ later rinse it . ​
Pour two cups of​ this mixture and​ leave it​ in​ your hair for​ sometime . ​
the​ last stage is​ to​ rinse your hair with coldwater . ​

• to​ get that extra shine for​ your hair brew one cup of​ strong espresso,​ let it​ cool . ​
Pour the​ espresso over your dry hair and​ leave it​ for​ 20 minutes . ​
Rinse it​ to​ get the​ extra shine and​ glow . ​

• you​ can also make Egg shampoo at​ home which requires 1 egg,​ 1 teaspoon olive oil,​ 1 teaspoon lemon juice,​ 1 tablespoon castile soap,​ 1/2 a​ cup water or​ herbal tea and​ last but not the​ least 5 drops of​ essential oils of​ your choice . ​
Blend all these together to​ make an​ Egg shampoo which can bring shine to​ your hair . ​

• Many of​ us who want to​ clean their hair use shampoos . ​
Try this for​ a​ change,​ massage baking soda into your hair and​ scalp . ​
This absorbs oil and​ loosens the​ dead skin on​ the​ scalp . ​
Rinse it​ thoroughly with water . ​
in​ the​ initial stages the​ hair would be dry but after several weeks you​ would be dandruff free with smooth and​ shiny hair . ​

Warning the​ reader of​ this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on​ the​ home remedies from this article . ​
Avoid using any of​ these products if​ you​ are allergic to​ it . ​
the​ responsibility lies with the​ reader and​ not with the​ site or​ the​ writer . ​

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