Home Inventory Software Why Do You Need It

Home Inventory Software – Why Do you​ Need It?
An ounce of​ prevention is​ worth a​ pound of​ cure is​ a​ commonly quoted saying,​ but how many of​ us procrastinate taking actions we know would save us much headache? Making a​ home inventory of​ your home is​ one of​ those ounces of​ prevention every homeowner should insist upon doing.
Why should I​ take an​ inventory?
Imagine for a​ moment a​ tragedy you’ve heard about recently – hurricane damage,​ flooding,​ wildfires – and think about the​ damage done to​ the​ homes involved .​
We all consider important to​ install things like fire alarms and smoke detectors,​ and home owners insurance is​ a​ must,​ but have we considered all the​ money we’ve spent on​ the​ possessions inside our homes? Consider now what would happen if​ your home was destroyed.
Many of​ us assume our home owner’s insurance would cover all of​ our possessions,​ but this is​ where people are mistaken .​
An appraiser would have to​ take a​ guess – using averages – at​ the​ value of​ the​ contents of​ your home,​ should a​ catastrophic disaster happen to​ your home .​
From the​ charred remains,​ would you​ trust an​ appraiser to​ accurately estimate the​ value of​ your possessions? That’s why making a​ detailed list of​ your possessions is​ essential for protecting the​ money you’ve spent.
But it​ will take so much time…
It’s true: going through your house and making an​ accurate list of​ all your possessions would be a​ tedious task indeed .​
This is​ where home inventory software comes to​ the​ rescue .​
By simply taking digital photos of​ the​ rooms of​ your home and uploading them to​ your powerful home inventory software,​ you​ have an​ instantaneous record of​ the​ possessions of​ your home .​
Using the​ software you​ can easily detail the​ cost and value of​ each item in​ each room,​ saving yourself much time and effort .​
An average-sized home can be inventoried in​ a​ few hours .​
Then store a​ copy of​ the​ inventory with a​ trusted friend or​ in​ a​ safety deposit box.
But how do I​ keep the​ home software inventory up to​ date?
Keeping the​ software up to​ date is​ easy .​
Simply take time to​ add photos and update the​ inventory record as​ you​ buy new items or​ dispose of​ old ones .​
Make it​ a​ part of​ your routine,​ like monthly paying bills,​ changing your smoke detector batteries or​ bi-annual spring and fall deep cleaning .​
Realize the​ monetary value of​ using home inventory software.
You already spend a​ lot of​ money on​ home owner’s insurance,​ but if​ you​ do not have proper documentation of​ the​ items you​ own,​ you​ have no assurance you​ will recover the​ money you​ have spent decorating and furnishing your home .​
Spending a​ small amount on​ versatile home inventory software will significantly increase the​ value of​ your homeowner’s insurance.
That sounds like a​ great idea! I’ll do it​ later…
Don’t procrastinate! Just like you​ wouldn’t let your homeowner’s insurance lapse,​ take advantage of​ the​ awareness you​ have right now .​
My Edge Software is​ a​ quick and easy solution to​ home inventory challenges .​
Simply go to​ My Edge Software,​ purchase and download the​ software right now,​ and schedule a​ time to​ take inventory of​ your possessions.

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