Home Decorating With A Nautical Theme

Home Decorating With A Nautical Theme

Home Decorating With a​ Nautical Theme
for​ those who love the sea and​ everything it​ represents there is​ no better theme to​ bring into their home decorating plans than a​ nautical theme .​
The theme itself is​ perfectly lovely and​ suitable for​ homes and​ homeowners that are not so in​ love with the mystery and​ romance of​ the deep blue sea .​
for​ those who do love the idea of​ sailing off into the sunset however, this​ is​ an​ excellent choice for​ home decorating.
There are many ways that a​ creative mind can incorporate a​ nautical theme into the home decorating plans .​
One of​ these ways is​ by using darkly stained wainscoting for​ the lower half of​ your​ walls along with a​ chair rail in​ order to​ imitate the wooden interior of​ finer sailing vessels .​
this​ imitates the interior of​ a​ sailboat and​ some powerboats .​
this​ is​ an​ impressive addition​ in​ most homes and​ quite ambitious in​ some as​ it​ is​ not the least expensive method of​ decorating .​
The effects however are stunning when used for​ this​ purpose.
Another great idea is​ to​ use a​ marine shade of​ blue for​ curtains and​ window coverings and​ have them made of​ the same type of​ materials that sail covers are made of​ on​ a​ sailboat .​
if​ you​ are truly ambitious you​ could elect to​ paint the walls in​ this​ marine shade of​ blue and​ select another color for​ the curtains or​ wooden blinds instead .​
However, white walls are perfectly acceptable when it​ comes to​ creating the look and​ feel of​ the interior of​ a​ boat .​
Rope is​ another great tool to​ use in​ order to​ make the nautical theme a​ bit more authentic .​
you​ can twine rope around picture frames, candleholders, and​ all manner of​ other things in​ order to​ incorporate the rope into the room without having it​ look out of​ place .​
if​ you​ are truly ambitious you​ could even string a​ hammock in​ some forgotten corner of​ the room in​ order to​ hold coats in​ the wintertime or​ merely to​ authenticate the theme to​ some degree.
Portals, clocks, barometers, and​ such make excellent art in​ a​ nautical themed room .​
Other great additions would include items such as​ seashells, sand​ dollars, model boats, and​ artwork depicting the sea .​
for​ many, this​ is​ where we feel most at​ home, we derive our inspiration, and​ we literally feel as​ though we can truly commune with Mother Nature .​

No nautical themed room or​ home is​ complete without a​ lighthouse to​ guide weary sailors home at​ the end of​ a​ long journey .​
Do not neglect an​ important feature such as​ this​ in​ your​ nautical themed home decorating ventures and​ purchases .​
if​ you​ are lost as​ to​ how to​ subtly incorporate this​ into your​ room you​ may want to​ look up a​ talented artist by the name of​ Thomas Kincaid .​
He is​ known as​ the painter of​ light and​ has managed to​ capture the essence of​ lighthouses in​ a​ manner that no other artist has been able to​ duplicate .​
One of​ his paintings would make an​ excellent addition​ to​ your​ nautical theme.
A nautical theme for​ home decorating is​ a​ great way to​ go for​ many families and​ for​ many reasons .​
All in​ all it​ isn't the most expensive of​ decorative themes though it​ isn't by any means the least expensive either .​
The good news is​ that there are very few absolutely right or​ wrong ways in​ which to​ achieve the look and​ atmosphere you​ are hoping to​ achieve.

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