Home Decorating With Native American Touches

Home Decorating With Native American Touches

Home Decorating with Native American Touches
There really is​ no style of​ home decorating that can be identified as​ decidedly Native American .​
There are however touches that can be added to​ almost any style of​ décor .​
The trick is​ always a​ matter of​ incorporating these things without making them seem out of​ place .​
of​ all the design styles that exist, and​ of​ course depending on​ the tribe in​ question, the southwestern style of​ home decorating and​ design would actually make a​ good match for​ many Native American artifacts, touches, and​ artwork .​
Pottery is​ central to​ a​ Native American theme .​
Different tribes had different styles of​ creating pottery .​
if​ you​ have a​ favorite tribe or​ a​ favorite style of​ pottery you​ may want to​ build the remainder of​ the room or​ design area around the pottery you​ love as​ it​ is​ quite personal to​ many people and​ not all styles of​ pottery will match all other styles of​ weaving, carving, basket making, or​ artwork .​
Pottery is​ very useful in​ a​ kitchen if​ you​ plan to​ use some of​ it​ in​ this​ room .​
Not only can most pottery be baked when cooking but it​ also works wonders for​ storing things like utensils that you​ would like to​ have in​ reach, strays, napkins, and​ any other things you​ can think to​ store within​ the pottery you​ have available .​
if​ you​ are going to​ pay for​ it​ you​ may as​ well put it​ to​ good use.
Speaking of​ artwork .​
There are some beautiful Native American prints as​ well as​ some 'sand​ art' that is​ a​ must have for​ a​ room that is​ trying to​ capture the spirit of​ the Native American or​ at​ least a​ specific tribe and​ incorporate that spirit into their homes .​
I​ think this​ is​ a​ beautiful idea for​ those who wish to​ pay their respects to​ those who are ancestors to​ many of​ us .​
Not that the pottery mentioned above isn't art work in​ and​ of​ itself but the addition​ of​ art that can be placed on​ the wall is​ a​ welcome addition​ in​ many homes .​
Keep in​ mind also that many Native Americans played the flute .​
Some people display a​ collection​ of​ Native American flutes next to​ their prized pieces of​ art .​
There really is​ no wrong way to​ go about home decorating when it​ is​ your​ own home that is​ being decorated .​
Select the things you​ like, omit the things you​ do not like .​
you​ do not even have to​ be loyal to​ one tripe, design, style, or​ region​ when decorating your​ home .​
Some people have happy little collections that are filled with all kinds of​ odds and​ ends pieces from a​ wide variety of​ artistic styles along the way .​
for​ those who are hoping to​ stick with a​ somewhat Native American theme baskets are once again​ a​ good selection​ to​ add to​ the collection​ .​
Baskets are not only lovely but also incredibly useful for​ holding blankets, throws, rugs, pillows, knitting supplies, magazines, and​ anything else you​ do not wish to​ have cluttering the living spaces of​ your​ home .​
They are even quite good about hiding remote controls for​ the electronic equipment when you​ place them cleverly throughout the room .​
The best suggestion​ for​ those who wish to​ honor their Native American neighbors and​ ancestors by incorporating the artwork and​ designs into their home decorating plans is​ not to​ spend too much time planning .​
The Native Americans appreciated nature and​ allowing many things to​ happen naturally .​
Use this​ opportunity to​ learn this​ very important lesson​ while incorporating other great things you​ appreciate about them into your​ home.

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