Home Decorating With Baskets

Home Decorating with Baskets
There are very few things you​ can add to​ your​ home décor that will have quite the versatility of​ baskets .​
Baskets are not only decorative touches, they also blend well with almost any décor and​ in​ most cases are quite willing to​ suit dual purposes as​ both decoration​ and​ much needed storage .​
Below you​ will find some clever ways to​ use baskets .​
1) Mail sorter .​
Try hanging a​ row of​ baskets near your​ entryway .​
As you​ are walking into your​ home while sorting the mail slip the appropriate piece of​ mail into the corresponding basket .​
Have one basket for​ each family member and​ drop the junk mail into the wastebasket you've placed just below the row of​ baskets on​ your​ wall .​
this​ way everyone has easy access to​ his or​ her mail and​ junk mail is​ handled as​ well.
2) Kitchen organizer .​
There are many jobs in​ the kitchen that baskets pull off beautifully .​
One such job is​ that of​ napkin​ holder .​
There are actually baskets by a​ famous brand​ that are the absolute perfect size for​ holding napkins for​ the dinner table .​
Additionally taller baskets make excellent holders for​ kitchen utensils that need to​ be within​ easy reach of​ the stove .​
There are even small baskets that make excellent holders for​ small jars of​ frequently used seasonings such as​ salt and​ pepper .​
Keep your​ eyes open the next time you're in​ the kitchen and​ consider all the great ways baskets could help out.
3) Knitting supplies .​
Larger baskets are excellent tools for​ taming the beast that can easily become your​ supply of​ knitting tools and​ notions .​
Limit your​ collection​ to​ one large basket and​ eliminate the things that will not fit .​
this​ keeps you​ on​ top of​ your​ knitting supplies while keeping them out of​ site and​ protected from dirty baby paws .​
4) Umbrella holder .​
this​ is​ an​ excellent use for​ a​ basket if​ you​ have one of​ the proper size .​
Place it​ on​ the floor next to​ your​ coat rack or​ closet or​ in​ your​ entryway and​ you​ will always have ready access to​ your​ umbrellas when bad weather comes your​ way.
5) Magazine holder .​
this​ is​ one very common​ use for​ baskets but one that should very well be mentioned .​
6) Toy box .​
this​ is​ perhaps a​ favorite among parents who are fortunate enough to​ have an​ extra empty basket at​ any given time .​
Anytime unexpected company shows up this​ is​ an​ excellent tool for​ quickly gathering all stray toys and​ getting them out of​ sight .​
7) Office supplies .​
There are many baskets that make excellent organizers and​ holders for​ office supplies .​
From pen and​ pencil holders to​ those that are ideal for​ paper clips, sticky notes, and​ liquid paper there are many baskets that are almost ideal for​ a​ home office.
8) Laundry hamper .​
this​ is​ yet another great use for​ a​ basket .​
They are able to​ breathe by the very nature of​ their design so that if​ for​ some reason​ a​ wet wash clothe or​ damp towel gets thrown in​ it​ doesn't necessarily spell ruin​ for​ the whole batch of​ laundry.
this​ is​ by no means an​ exhaustive list of​ the virtues of​ baskets but a​ good place to​ start the next time you​ are having an​ internal debate about whether or​ not to​ invest the money in​ a​ good quality basket for​ your​ home decorating needs.

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