Home Decorating In The Tudor Fashion

Home Decorating in​ the Tudor Fashion
Tudor style home exteriors are rather easy to​ identify .​
Many people drive by them quite regularly with jaws dropped and​ eyes wide at​ the simple beauty and​ elegance of​ this​ style of​ architecture .​
From humble cottages to​ grand​ castles the Tudor style of​ architecture is​ very memorable indeed .​
When decorating the interior of​ a​ home in​ the Tudor fashion​ there is​ no set in​ stone rules though there are some touches that are the hallmarks of​ Tudor style and​ beauty .​
One thing you​ can do to​ bring a​ touch of​ the Tudor style to​ your​ home, even if​ your​ home wasn't built in​ the Tudor style is​ to​ incorporate the use of​ beams in​ the interior as​ decorative touches .​
When the original Tudor style of​ architecture was about this​ was more a​ design of​ need than one of​ opportunity .​
Today the paneling serves as​ a​ simple reminder of​ the beauty that has earned this​ period in​ history and​ architecture such fame .​
this​ is​ only one method however, that can be used in​ order to​ establish a​ Tudor style upon​ the interior of​ a​ home.
The floors in​ Tudor homes were typically made of​ either brick or​ flagstone .​
Many people today opt for​ stone tiles in​ order to​ portray a​ remarkably accurate look with a​ modern twist .​
These floors were often covered with ornate Oriental rugs (in​ wealthier homes) or​ small wool rugs in​ more humble abodes .​
if​ attempting to​ imitate the wealthier Tudor styled homes nothing short of​ Oriental style rugs will do in​ the more prominent areas of​ the home .​
Keep in​ mind that there are reasonably beautiful imitations currently on​ the market at​ prices that the average homeowner can afford.
Ornate wall tapestries often graced the walls in​ order to​ complete the richness of​ the look in​ wealthier homes .​
this​ is​ a​ style that is​ often imitated in​ homes attempting to​ cling to​ their Tudor roots around the world .​
It is​ a​ beautiful affect however and​ one that is​ very well worth adding to​ your​ home if​ you​ are seeking to​ incorporate a​ Tudor style in​ your​ home decorating efforts .​
As far as​ the bedroom goes, the beds were the focal points of​ these rooms .​
Solidly built four post beds were the thrones in​ these homes and​ made fit for​ the king of​ any castle no matter how humble it​ may be .​
The posts and​ feet on​ these beds were ornately carved and​ quite beautiful .​
this​ is​ a​ remarkable recreation​ to​ include in​ your​ home in​ order to​ bring about an​ authentic Tudor atmosphere for​ the interior decorating .​
in​ wealthier homes, rich fabrics canopied these massive beds in​ order to​ provide privacy and​ elegance.
in​ order to​ create an​ authentic Tudor atmosphere in​ a​ home of​ today you​ would also want to​ incorporate some sort of​ wrought iron​ chandeliers into the home as​ well as​ wall sconces for​ lighting .​
this​ is​ the style of​ lighting that was often used at​ the time and​ will lend credibility to​ the scene you​ are attempting to​ recreate .​
this​ to​ me is​ one of​ the most stunning effects that can be incorporated into a​ home decorating plan in​ this​ day and​ age .​
if​ timeless beauty and​ elegance are the goal, then this​ is​ definitely a​ style of​ décor you​ will want to​ consider for​ your​ home .​

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