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Room by room home decorating ideas

Whether you​ live in​ small metropolitan apartment, a​ house in​ the suburbs, or​ a​ log cabin​ in​ the mountains, your​ living room creates a​ lasting impression​ on​ those who visit. it​ sets the mood and​ should reflect your​ personal taste. So, to​ begin​ our helpful hints for​ home decorating ideas, let's start with some simple tips for​ the living room.

you​ don't have to​ spend a​ lot of​ time or​ money to​ get a​ new look that will be a​ pick up for​ both you​ and​ your​ living room. Just add some color; here's how:

1. Paint just One Wall
this​ will really change the focal point of​ the living room without getting into a​ major redecorating project. if​ your​ room has a​ niche, it's the perfect choice for​ extra color. you​ can choose a​ bold, contrasting color picked from a​ floral fabric, or​ a​ subtle tone darker than the tone of​ the other walls. Any change in​ color will add interest and​ splash!

2. Throw a​ Few Pillows Around
Nothing adds color like strategically placed throw pillows. Choose solids for​ a​ floral print or​ colorful, patterned pillows for​ a​ solid color chair or​ sofa. this​ is​ just one of​ many home decorating ideas that will not only add a​ bright splash of​ color, but will also add comfort to​ your​ seating arrangements.

3. Add Green or​ Flowering Plants
if​ you​ don't have a​ green thumb, ask your​ nursery or​ home center to​ recommend ones that require little or​ no care. if​ you're gone from home a​ lot, settle for​ some of​ the wonderful artificial ones on​ the market now. you​ can find great looking plants, foliage, and​ flowers that only need to​ be dusted. The Internet is​ a​ wonderful source for​ these.

4. Put Some Color on​ the Floor
A colorful throw rug placed in​ front of​ a​ chair or​ under a​ coffee table can add color and​ texture to​ a​ living room (or any room). it​ can be put on​ top of​ any type of​ flooring, including carpet. if​ it​ is​ on​ a​ smooth surface, make certain​ to​ have a​ no skid backing. Choose a​ contrast color (from fabric you're using in​ the room}, or​ look for​ one with an​ interesting pattern that ties into the theme of​ your​ room.

5. Add Interesting Artwork
A colorful piece of​ art placed in​ a​ living room not only adds a​ decorative touch, but also introduces colors and​ shapes. Try framing simple photos with colorful mats and​ bright frames.

<6. a​ Throw Adds both Warmth and​ Color
A handmade quilt, nubby woven throw, or​ cozy, colorful blanket adds interest when draped over the back or​ arm of​ a​ neutral sofa or​ chair. Choose a​ color that accents other pieces in​ the room, as​ well.

7. Reflect Color
this​ is​ one of​ the home decorating ideas that appeals to​ many. Place a​ large mirror on​ a​ bare or​ boring wall. Buy an​ interesting frame or​ just decorate a​ piece of​ mirror with cording or​ braid. if​ you​ have an​ old frame, consider painting it​ a​ bright color. The mirror will reflect the color from around the room and​ add light to​ the space.

Tips for​ the guest room

Not too many people give enough thought to​ decorating the guest room in​ their home, but, if​ you​ like to​ have guests stay over, here are some simple home decorating ideas for​ your​ guest room. your​ budget may not allow you​ to​ provide all the amenities of​ a​ five star hotel, but there are certain​ things you​ can do to​ make your​ guests comfortable.

1. Buy the Best Bed your​ Money Can Buy
Don't give your​ guest the oldest, most saggy mattress you​ have. if​ you​ can't afford a​ new bed, think about getting a​ quality air mattress. They're quite comfortable and​ can be placed on​ top of​ a​ box spring, over a​ sofa bed mattress, or​ on​ the floor.

2. Clean Bedding a​ Must
Just make sure you​ have nicely laundered, clean bedding.

3. a​ Place to​ Put a​ Suitcase
Clear a​ space to​ put a​ luggage rack or​ a​ small table or​ bench to​ set down a​ suitcase. Even a​ chair is​ better than nothing!

4. Keep it​ Uncluttered
Get rid of​ anything that you​ would not find in​ the room of​ a​ fine hotel. Keep only the most useful items in​ the room, like a​ clock and​ calendar. a​ good reading lamp would be a​ plus!

5. Hanger and​ Drawer Space
if​ your​ guest room shares space with a​ home office, clear at​ least a​ foot or​ two of​ pole space in​ the closet. or​ purchase an​ inexpensive over-the-door hook that can accommodate some hanging clothes and​ clear out one or​ two drawers for​ small items. Both you​ and​ your​ guest will feel better with odds and​ ends out of​ sight.

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