Home Decorating Bathroom On A Budget

Home Decorating: Bathroom on​ a​ Budget
When it​ comes to​ home decorating there are few rooms that have quite the impact of​ a​ bathroom or​ kitchen when being decorated .​
There is​ something wonderful about taking a​ tired old bathroom and​ making it​ seem bright and​ shiny once again​ .​
Most people, however, cringe at​ the thought of​ a​ bathroom remodel fearing the absolute worst when it​ comes to​ their financial situation​ once all is​ said and​ done .​
The good news is​ that small steps can lead to​ big changes in​ rooms as​ small as​ bathrooms .​
These small steps do not have to​ have large prices in​ order to​ be highly effective.
My suggestion​ with a​ bathroom is​ to​ assess where the worst blemishes and​ eyesores may be .​
Painting the walls can be a​ good place to​ start but you​ should first decide whether you​ are planning to​ remove any cabinetry .​
this​ is​ one room where it​ is​ best to​ save the painting for​ later in​ the project rather than the beginning .​
The vanity in​ many bathrooms takes up a​ good deal of​ real estate .​
Gone are the days when chunky cabinets were the popular choice for​ bathrooms .​
Now people want the bathrooms to​ have the appearance of​ a​ wide-open space .​
this​ means that cabinets and​ vanities are becoming smaller rather than larger .​
Most homeowners find that the removal of​ bulky cabinetry in​ the bathroom often leads to​ some degree of​ patching required for​ the drywall and​ noticeable gaps in​ flooring .​
These will need to​ be addressed fairly quickly, which means that now is​ a​ good time to​ select color options for​ the walls and​ flooring .​
Smaller bathrooms do well with lighter colors on​ the walls in​ order to​ give them a​ larger appearance .​
Use towels and​ decorations to​ bring in​ darker accents but keep the walls light and​ bright .​
Also choose paint that can withstand​ the high humidity of​ bathrooms .​
Flooring in​ a​ bathroom also needs to​ be able to​ withstand​ high heat and​ humidity as​ this​ room is​ rather abusive to​ floors and​ walls .​
for​ this​ reason, hardwood is​ not the floor of​ choice for​ most bathrooms .​
Ceramic tile is​ an​ excellent choice and​ not terribly expensive .​
There are also some laminates that are designed to​ respond well to​ a​ high humidity environment such as​ will be found in​ a​ bathroom .​
Choose flooring that will accent the walls and​ the overall sense of​ décor you​ are hoping to​ achieve when decorating your​ home and​ bathroom, as​ this​ is​ not something you​ are going to​ want to​ change often.
The toilet in​ a​ bathroom is​ fairly simple to​ purchase but I​ recommend leaving it​ be unless it​ absolutely needs to​ be changed .​
this​ is​ not a​ simple procedure for​ the novice and​ experts are expensive .​
in​ this​ case if​ it​ ain't broke don't fix it​ is​ an​ excellent motto to​ live by .​
The same holds true with the shower .​
If, however, you​ simply cannot live with your​ shower (or bathtub) as​ is, you​ may want to​ try hiring professionals to​ come in​ and​ resurface your​ tub .​
this​ is​ much less expensive than purchasing a​ brand-new tub and​ will have yours looking bright, shiny, and​ as​ good as​ new .​
Again​ you​ can avoid the high cost of​ a​ plumber despite the fact that you​ are paying for​ professionals to​ resurface.
To top things off, you​ will be amazed at​ the difference that new knobs, fixtures, and​ hardware can make in​ a​ bathroom .​
Add a​ couple of​ lamps for​ subtle lighting and​ some decorative touches of​ your​ own and​ you​ have a​ brand​ new bathroom without spending a​ king's ransom in​ order to​ do so .​
The shower curtain​ and​ 'guest' towels should be your​ largest splurges in​ your​ bathroom, as​ they will tie the room all together .​
you​ shower curtains and​ towels will blend the colors and​ designs in​ order to​ create the overall atmosphere you​ should be hoping to​ achieve in​ your​ bathroom .​
and​ all of​ this​ can be accomplished one step at​ a​ time no matter how sparse your​ budget may be.

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