Home Decor The Finishing Touch

you​ have already spent time, money and​ resources, preparing your​ home with new paint, wall paper, tile, and​ carpet, or​ whatever it​ took to​ get to​ this​ point for​ what I call the finishing touch.

Let’s start one room at​ a​ time, first move everything out except your​ very large furniture pieces. Now sit down and​ look around, are you​ satisfied with your​ present furniture, if​ not consider reupholstering your​ furniture pieces or​ you​ may head out to​ a​ couple of​ furniture stores and​ check out there selections and​ prices. Maybe you​ decide that what you​ have is​ fine, that’s okay. Whatever choice you​ make, if​ it’s new furniture, new fabric or​ keeping what you​ have; make sure it​ blends in​ color wise to​ your​ room.

Now you​ have the appropriate furniture in​ place, let’s look at​ your​ window and​ doors. Unless you​ live in​ the perfect year round climate or​ have the latest insulating windows installed, you​ may want to​ consider some form of​ curtains or​ drapes that will insulate from the cold and​ the sun. There are fabric or​ vinyl curtains, wood or​ vinyl shutters, blinds and​ shades that may help. Windows and​ doors give you​ views and​ if​ you’re satisfied with these views, then take advantage of​ it. Expose your​ views by rolling up or​ sliding back or​ folding open your​ drapes, shutters or​ blinds. of​ course these drapes, curtains, shades and​ blinds come in​ an​ assortment of​ colors and​ fabrics combos. So take heed and​ select an​ appropriate color combination. you​ can get additional tips by checking out certain​ stores that sell these products or​ get an​ interior design book to​ register some ideas. Enhancing the views, with these proper window dressings, will greatly improve the atmosphere within​ the room.

Okay, start to​ return slowly other pieces to​ the room, the largest objects first. You’ll know in​ your​ heart, what should go and​ what should stay. Try moving your​ items to​ different parts of​ the room; view them from different positions as​ well. Feel what is​ comfortable to​ the eye. Alright, we got these in​ place, hold it​ there, and​ let’s work on​ the wall décor items next.

Wall décor is​ anything that hangs from the wall except lighting and​ that to​ could be considered décor. So we can have framed art or​ art without frames or​ even open frames over a​ wall to​ give it​ a​ certain​ taste. Metal, wood and​ plastic can all be relevant in​ the creation​ of​ art hanging objects. Tapestry is​ a​ form of​ heavy woven cloth that can also grace your​ homes walls. you​ can have things like clocks, mirrors and​ other personal decorating touches put directly on​ the walls or​ on​ shelving of​ some sort.
in​ the placement of​ wall art, take your​ time and​ choose the proper eye height, have someone hold a​ picture while you​ decide on​ the location. if​ you’re working alone, use some painter’s wall tape, and​ then make an​ outline for​ your​ art piece, this​ tape removes easily. if​ you​ have several pictures, make some sort of​ arrangement depending on​ the size of​ the frames. Try different locations for​ your​ wall art décor till you​ got the right look and​ appeal, in​ the placement of​ your​ framed art.

Bring in​ your​ light fixtures, start with the larger floor lamps, then your​ table lamps, plug them in​ and​ turn on. Do you​ need any additional lighting, maybe an​ overhead fan with lights or​ perhaps wall sconce lighting, to​ brighten up a​ piece of​ art work. if​ you​ need more than floor or​ table lamps you​ might have to​ have some electrical work done. So think about that.

Everything else comes back in​ the room now; you​ may decide to​ replace a​ few things, that'll be okay, try not to​ overcrowd your​ room. Proper placement and​ those certain​ decorative touches will improve your​ look.

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