Home Decor Fabric Care

Home Decor Fabric Care

You’ve put a​ lot of​ thought into selecting the perfect fabric for​ your​ custom-made draperies or​ your​ newly upholstered furniture. Now, do you​ know how to​ take care of​ the fabric to​ make it​ last longer?

Fabrics must be protected from the sun
Draperies should be lined, and​ also interlined, when fragile fabrics are used such as​ silk. Shades should be drawn during the day and​ awnings should be used whenever possible. Window glass magnifies the destructive elements in​ the rays of​ the sun. The winter sun and​ reflection​ from the snow are even more harmful than the summer sun. Trees and​ shrubbery help protect windows.

Colors can fade by oxidation​ if​ fabrics are kept in​ storage for​ too long a​ period without airing. Impurities in​ the air may cause as​ much fading as​ the direct rays of​ the sun.

Use a​ dry cleaner specializing in​ home furnishings
Dust has impurities, which affect fabrics. Vacuum fabrics often. Dry cleaning should be done at​ regular intervals before excessive soil has accumulated. Very few fabrics are washable.

Fabrics wear out…they are not indestructible
Wear will vary with the amount of​ use. Some weaves are stronger than others are. a​ favorite chair will not last as​ long as​ a​ seldom-used showpiece.

Finishes may help fabrics resist soil and​ stain
Applied finishes help fabrics resist spotting, but they are not necessarily the end-all to​ every problem. Light colors are likely to​ benefit most. Dining room chairs will soil no matter what is​ used. a​ finish does not eliminate the necessity of​ properly caring for​ fabrics. Spots should still be given immediate attention​ by a​ professional dry cleaner.

Synthetic fibers
Synthetic yarns have made impressive strides in​ advancing the technology of​ weaving, but they cannot perform miracles. Performance will vary with the construction​ of​ the fabric and​ its application.

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