Home Decor Don't Forget Your Home Office

Home Decor Don't Forget Your Home Office

Home Decor: Don't Forget your​ Home Office!
With an​ increasing number of​ people telecommuting and​ running home businesses, the home office has become ubiquitous .​
But when it​ comes to​ home improvement and​ home decor, people often overlook their home offices - even if​ they spend eight hours a​ day there.
if​ you're ready to​ give your​ home office a​ makeover, or​ if​ you're in​ the process of​ converting one of​ your​ rooms into a​ home office, here are some elements to​ take into consideration​ when designing your​ home improvement plan .​
your​ Desk
your​ desk may be your​ workstation, but that doesn't mean you​ have to​ forego style .​
Forget the industrial look of​ a​ metal desk, and​ instead opt for​ furniture that is​ an​ extension​ of​ your​ home decor .​
you​ might love the richness of​ beautiful cherry wood, or​ you​ may like the minimalism and​ futuristic style of​ glass .​
if​ your​ home office is​ in​ a​ room that does double duty - for​ example, as​ a​ guest bedroom - you​ may want an​ all-in-one set that more closely resembles an​ armoire .​
on​ the other hand, if​ your​ home office is​ your​ primary place of​ business, you​ may need something larger, such as​ a​ corner desk with a​ center computer station​ and​ work surfaces to​ either side .​
your​ Chair
Embrace both comfort and​ style when selecting a​ chair for​ your​ home office .​
if​ the room is​ fairly large and​ you​ select a​ cherry or​ walnut desk, for​ example, a​ leather executive chair might be a​ nice touch .​
if​ you​ don't have a​ lot of​ room, you​ may want to​ try an​ ergonomic kneeling chair .​
a​ wooden chair with back slats and​ a​ leather seat builds a​ bridge between functionality and​ interior home decor, or​ you​ can opt for​ the latest trend in​ office chairs - a​ chair with a​ frameless back that shapes itself to​ your​ body .​
The amount and​ type of​ storage space you​ will need depends upon​ how you​ utilize your​ home office .​
if​ you​ primarily use the space for​ Web browsing and​ paying bills, you​ won't need advanced storage solutions .​
However, if​ your​ home office is​ your​ primary place of​ business, you​ may need the equivalent of​ drawers, cabinets, and​ bookshelves .​
Again, keep in​ mind that this​ room doesn't need to​ replicate a​ place of​ business; the goal is​ to​ integrate the space with the rest of​ your​ interior home decor .​
for​ example, if​ you​ need a​ file cabinet but don't have to​ access it​ everyday, you​ can drape a​ piece of​ fabric over it, much as​ you​ would an​ end table .​
Or, you​ can opt to​ buy a​ cart that features wicker file bins, which provides all the functionality you​ need without sacrificing style .​
Personal Touches
Be sure to​ incorporate personal touches into your​ home office .​
a​ beautiful shade of​ paint, framed family photos, a​ small indoor fountain, and​ creative lighting can make it​ a​ pleasure to​ work from home .​
When designing your​ home improvement plan, be sure to​ create a​ home office that features colors, fabrics, and​ objects that make your​ heart soar.

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