Holiday Decorating Tips Thanksgiving A Time For Gratitude And Giving

Holiday Decorating Tips Thanksgiving A Time For Gratitude And Giving

Get new holiday decorating ideas for​ Thanksgiving and​ Autumn. Start a​ new family tradition. your​ home will look fabulous and​ your​ guests will love you.

Turkey and​ Cranberries! Yeah!

Before you​ dig into that turkey, take a​ moment for​ each person​ to​ say one sentence beginning with...

"Today, I am grateful for..."

you​ will be surprised at​ what children say, so keep a​ notebook handy to​ write down the gratitudes, or, better yet, record the event.

Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

"Welcome to​ Our Home" Ideas

Holiday decorating isn't just for​ Christmas! Door wreaths welcome all to​ your​ home and​ set the stage for​ celebrating. Make a​ simple wreath to​ hang on​ your​ front door with Thanksgiving colors--brown, russet, olive green. Use tree branches from your​ garden; attach a​ few gourds, nuts, and​ ribbons.

Place a​ gorgeous mum by your​ front door. you​ can plant it​ later and​ get flowers next Thanksgiving to​ use inside. it​ just takes one bright spot near your​ front door to​ attract the eye of​ arriving guests.

Wrap your​ front door with gift wrap appropriate to​ Thanksgiving.

Make a​ "welcome to​ our home" banner. Add your​ ribbons and​ fall leaves.

Group vines, pumpkins, and​ mums for​ display impact near the front entrance. Adjust the vines to​ add height and​ movement.

Fall Leaves make great interior and​ exterior decorations. Be sure to​ hose off any bugs!

Interior Holiday Decorating Tips

Tie ribbons around your​ candle bases and​ around your​ floral arrangements.

Set fall-color leaves under your​ decorations. Safety Tip: Keep leaves separated from melting candle wax.

Extend your​ flower arrangements with fall tree branches. Just one flower package makes a​ huge impact when you​ divide and​ spread it​ around.

Use copper, bronze, and​ gold spray paint to​ dress up plain​ gourds. Fill a​ glass or​ crystal bowl with the gourds, oranges, and​ nuts.

Display vegetables and​ mini pumpkins on​ a​ tray. Fill in​ any gaps with fall leaves, moss, straw, or​ wheat.

if​ orange clashes with your​ home's interior, use green apples and​ spray paint the mini-pumpkins.

Did I already say leaves? Here's another way to​ add fall color: Place the leaves in​ your​ green potted-plants.

One beautiful way to​ kick off your​ holiday season: Wrap tiny gifts in​ gold foil; top off with brown and​ russet ribbons, and​ place the gifts on​ the dinner plate. your​ table will look fabulous and​ your​ guests will love the thought.

Happy Thanksgiving!

© Jeanette Fisher

Holiday Decorating Tips Thanksgiving A Time For Gratitude And Giving

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