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How to​ Light Up your​ Home for​ Joy

Do you​ love the winter holiday season​ or​ does this​ time of​ year cause you​ stress? One way to​ lower your​ holiday stress, using fewer decorations, decreases your​ "just have to​ much to​ do" list.

However, you​ still want to​ display Christmas candles because these decorations bring smiles to​ you​ and​ your​ loved ones. as​ days grow shorter and​ cooler and​ the suns sets earlier, people naturally crave the warmth and​ comfort of​ light, especially natural sources such as​ a​ bonfire or​ the flame of​ a​ Christmas candle.

Christmas Candle Tips

Save your​ energy and​ your​ money. you​ don't need to​ line your​ entire sidewalk with luminaries. Get a​ similar effect with four large candles in​ clear glass containers near your​ front door. These glowing candles will welcome your​ guests without all the work of​ gathering bags, buying votive candles that just burn up fast, and​ shoveling all that sand.

Window Candles
Many cultural holiday traditions include placing a​ lighted candle in​ front windows to​ be seen from the outside. Pamper yourself. Place a​ candle in​ any dark window at​ night. Rather than peering into a​ dark void, you'll focus on​ the cheerful flame and​ feel comforted and​ uplifted.

Gift Yourself
Create a​ nightly quiet ritual for​ yourself in​ a​ quiet place away from distractions and​ the hustle of​ the holidays. Place candles around your​ bathtub and​ unwind, or​ by your​ favorite reading chair and​ instead of​ reading sit in​ the quiet and​ reflect upon​ the brightness of​ a​ single candlelight. Listen to​ quiet music or​ simply enjoy the peace and​ stillness. Ponder the joys in​ your​ life and​ express gratitude. this​ quiet time may be your​ most treasured gift to​ yourself.

Candlelight Carol-Sing
Recycle last year's greeting cards by cutting each into a​ disk or​ rounding the edges, punch a​ hole in​ the center, and​ slide a​ taper candle half-way through the hole. Gather your​ friends and​ family around the piano or​ hearth and​ sing familiar Christmas carols as​ each person​ holds their own candlelight. Pause to​ reflect upon​ the fact that each individual brings their own special light to​ the world and​ recognize the common​ spiritual light in​ each of​ us.

Candle Night-Night
When it's time to​ settle the children down to​ bed on​ Christmas Eve, calm them with a​ soothing candlelight ritual. My daughter’s children walk to​ bed, each carefully carrying a​ lighted candle through a​ dark hallway, singing "Silent Night."

Happy Holidays!

© Jeanette Fisher

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