Holiday Decorating Ideas And The Environment

Holiday Decorating Ideas And The Environment

Have you​ thought about how your​ holiday decorating affects the environment? What can you​ do about your​ holiday decorating to​ improve your​ happiness and​ at​ the same time be kind to​ the environment?

The good news, taking action​ to​ decorate your​ home and​ office for​ the holidays, while keeping respect for​ the environment, makes your​ workload easier.

Conquer holiday stress with simplicity. Keep your​ decorations to​ a​ minimum. Simple holiday decorating makes your​ life easier to​ manage.

Simple decorating doesn't mean no impact. you​ can use Environmental Psychology strategies to​ achieve a​ stunning display with less work. at​ the same time, you​ can save money on​ new holiday decorations.

Eignt Environmental Psychology Holiday Decorating Tips

1. Too many small items in​ a​ small space tire the eye and​ overload the brain. Don't go over the top with holiday decorations. Don't spend your​ money foolishly on​ a​ lot of​ cluttering ornamentation.

2. Choose a​ few large holiday decorations to​ make a​ bold statement. Bright and​ deep colors take up more visual space.

3. Make a​ gorgeous framed note on​ parchment that says: "We love the earth and​ choose to​ celebrate with nature."

4. Work with the holiday decorations you​ already have. Renew tired ornaments with non-toxic craft paint.

5. Decorate with consumable food, like nuts, fresh fruit, and​ cookies.

6. Decorate with Mother Nature. Cuttings of​ evergreens bring respite to​ tired eyes and​ fresh aroma to​ enclosed stale air.

7. Increase your​ office productivity and​ business prosperity. When people feel happy, they accomplish more. Take a​ tip from music therapy expert Enicia Fisher: Play easily-recognized soft music without voices. this​ encourages signing or​ humming to​ oneself to​ fill in​ the lyrics.

8. Instead of​ hanging lights all over your​ home, concentrate on​ the front entry to​ attract the eye and​ make all feel welcome.

Defeat holiday stress this​ year. Use holiday decorating ideas that protect the environment and​ yourself.

Happy Holidays!

© Jeanette Fisher

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