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Hobbies for​ the​ Elderly to​ Maintain Mental Health
Elderly people respond to​ mental health differently than younger people . ​
They are prone to​ developing more psychological disorders and​ can cope less effectively to​ triggering factors of​ mental impairments . ​

Lets first take a​ look at​ how an​ old person lives
Retiring could be one of​ the​ most enjoyable but dreaded years in​ the​ life of​ a​ person . ​
Anybody who no longer has definite roles to​ take apart from being an​ older member of​ the​ society begins to​ question their own importance,​ sometimes even existence . ​
Since a​ retired person no longer holds a​ job,​ he is​ free to​ use his time on​ any activity he chooses . ​
the​ problem though is​ that he cannot establish a​ certain activity that would make life for​ him enjoyable for​ the​ rest of​ his life . ​
He also feels that he is​ no longer important since his children who used to​ depend on​ him have already taken up their own lives,​ sometimes living him without company . ​

On most cases,​ people who are old are alone . ​
They sulk into life without purpose,​ without direction,​ without the​ sense of​ worth . ​
Slowly,​ they will have experiences that would negatively affect their mental health . ​
They then become depressed,​ lonely and​ more prone to​ developing psychological disorders . ​
Since the​ society give too little importance to​ the​ elderly people,​ it​ tends to​ disregard them . ​
Until they become debilitated enough due to​ sickness,​ disorders and​ old age that the​ society begins to​ notice them . ​
But then,​ by that time,​ it​ is​ already too late . ​

The usual life of​ the​ elderly is​ marked by the​ lack of​ support that will introduce them to​ activities that will revitalize their lives . ​
They can no longer put up with their old activities since their bodies,​ by nature,​ are deteriorated enough to​ hinder them from moving and​ performing like they did before . ​
However,​ old age should not always be like this . ​
Old people should try to​ look for​ newer activities in​ their lives that would make the​ rest of​ their days enjoyable and​ worthwhile . ​

They say you​ cannot teach old dog new tricks . ​
This is​ a​ myth . ​
an​ old person who is​ willing to​ learn will learn by all means regardless if​ his body or​ his mind limits him . ​
Here are some of​ the​ hobbies that an​ elderly could do to​ increase his mental health
Keeping your brain active will make you​ feel healthy
For some people,​ the​ mere fact that they are thinking and​ can still conceptualize thoughts drive them to​ be crazy about life . ​
it​ is​ never too late to​ learn to​ write and​ for​ people who used to​ enjoy writing during their younger years,​ it​ is​ never too late to​ bring back their attitude towards literature . ​

Reading could also be a​ fun activity that would easily let the​ time pass . ​
Old people who enjoy reading are apparently happier than those who sat idly on​ their couches throughout the​ day . ​

The music of​ your life
Your fingers may not have the​ same dexterity they had when you​ were younger but this doesn’t mean that you​ can no longer enjoy music . ​
you​ can learn to​ play music instruments . ​
the​ piano,​ for​ example,​ requires too little energy output but the​ internal satisfaction it​ provides is​ high . ​
Also,​ listening to​ music could make you​ think of​ familiar thoughts that would drive you​ through the​ memory lane . ​
This would allow you​ to​ meditate on​ your life . ​
for​ most people,​ knowing the​ fact that they have lived their life well make them satisfied and​ at​ peace with themselves . ​
Internal peace is​ central to​ achieving the​ right balance in​ life . ​

Pick up your old hobbies
Did you​ enjoy gardening as​ a​ kid or​ collecting things as​ a​ teenager? you​ can bring back those old hobbies . ​
After all,​ you​ already have enough investments in​ the​ past that it​ would no longer be hard for​ you​ to​ start again . ​

It is​ often the​ case of​ losing the​ zest for​ life when one gets old . ​
But through regaining your appetite for​ life through hobbies for​ elderly,​ you​ might find again that life is​ worth living for . ​

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