History Of Yoga

History Of Yoga

Yoga is​ a​ union of​ body,​ mind,​ and spirit. the​ history of​ yoga is​ long and steeped in​ tradition. Yoga is​ an​ ancient system of​ health and fitness which originated in​ India. the​ word yoga has its first mention in​ the​ Rig Veda,​ the​ oldest of​ the​ sacred texts. Those that study Yoga estimate it's age to​ be four thousand year.

The history of​ Yoga can be divided into four main periods which are the​ pre-classical period,​ classical period,​ post-classical period and modern period. in​ the​ history of​ yoga,​ the​ book is​ called the​ yoga sutras. the​ history of​ yoga would not have been completed in​ the​ classical stage of​ yoga.

The word Yoga literally meant the​ Yolk that joins something together,​ such as​ an​ ox to​ a​ cart. the​ idea is​ that yoga unites all aspects of​ being into one.

What most people envision to​ be Yoga,​ those contortionist postures,​ is​ really only one small aspect of​ a​ much larger field of​ practices. the​ methods of​ yoga includes ethical disciplines,​ physical postures,​ breathing control and as​ well as​ meditation.

The 20th century witnessed a​ renaissance of​ yoga that caused a​ globalization of​ this ancient tradition. Modern approaches to​ yoga have created a​ clear delineation between the​ Hindu religion and the​ practice of​ yoga. Through the​ practice of​ yoga,​ an​ individual can gain information about physical,​ emotional,​ mental and spiritual well being.

Over the​ long history of​ yoga,​ different schools have emerged,​ and there are numerous examples branches and philosophies that have spawned. Ultimately,​ all agree on​ one common element the​ fundamental purpose of​ yoga is​ to​ foster harmony in​ the​ body,​ mind,​ and environment.

Today yoga is​ accepted as​ a​ comprehensive exercise to​ promote control of​ the​ body and mind. More than just a​ means of​ being fit and trim,​ yoga can help you live a​ healthy,​ whole,​ and empowered life. in​ recent decades,​ yoga has greatly and swiftly evolved. Yoga is​ the​ most diversified spiritual practice in​ the​ world. the​ living tradition of​ yoga now recognizes no borders as​ it​ continues to​ spread globally.

History Of Yoga

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