History Of Ipod Podcast

History Of Ipod Podcast

Everywhere you look,​ people young and old are walking,​ jogging,​ biking and even driving while sporting headphones. Mp3 players are the​ new must-have accessories,​ and Apple is​ leading the​ way in​ obtaining,​ playing,​ storing and sharing digital music files through iPod hardware and podcasting.

The origins of​ podcasting can be traced to​ the​ initial creation and distribution of​ mp3 files. These music files could be downloaded and played on​ the​ iPod,​ Apple's music player. When the​ iPod was first released,​ users quickly discovered what a​ wonderful way it​ was to​ store music,​ and some came out,​ and users discovered what a​ wonderful thing it​ was for holding music. Then,​ people began to​ think that other files,​ beside music,​ could be loaded onto their iPods. Some people used reverse engineering on​ iPod,​ loading different firmware,​ or​ operating systems. Others believed that it​ was possible to​ share small sound files that could be played on​ the​ iPod.

RSS feeds already supplied the​ technology needed to​ distribute the​ files. RSS provide a​ means of​ generating machine-readable files that could share information between a​ server and a​ user. Many blogs already used RSS feeds to​ keep readers up to​ date with the​ latest posts,​ and some hopeful podcasters aspired to​ enclose links to​ sound files within the​ RSS feed,​ making it​ possible to​ download the​ music files to​ the​ computer.

These changes in​ RSS feeds allowed iPod podcasting to​ take off,​ and it​ has become a​ popular way to​ share files. Some podcasters have become radio DJs while sharing their favorite tunes. All sorts of​ different Podcasts began to​ pop up. Software was written to​ automatically check RSS feeds,​ extract the​ links to​ the​ podcast episodes,​ and download the​ files. These software programs became known as​ podcast clients.

By this time,​ podcasting had moved beyond the​ ipod. Users were not only making iPod podcasts anymore. Some PSP users discovered how to​ utilize their PlayStation Portable consoles as​ podcast players. it​ was more difficult than downloading podcasts to​ the​ ipod,​ since the​ PSP uses a​ different file format,​ but more PSP podcasts began to​ appear. in​ addition,​ podcasting became known to​ an​ immense audience of​ people without iPods,​ who simply saw this as​ an​ extremely convenient way to​ receive news,​ entertainment and music over the​ Internet.

While iPod podcasts still exist,​ fewer people subscribe to​ them as​ a​ means of​ gaining portable media files they can listen to​ anywhere. it​ has been eclipsed by the​ ease with which podcasting has become a​ content delivery system. Podcasting has become tied up with the​ rising number of​ audio and video blogs,​ where blogging is​ done through media files uploaded to​ the​ blog,​ rather than by post. These blogs take advantage of​ the​ shrinking cost of​ broadband Internet connections,​ and the​ rising number of​ people with high-speed access.

An activity that began as​ file sharing between a​ few clever Apple iPod users has become an​ entertainment and information revolution. Blogs and podcasters across the​ globe are open to​ a​ world of​ possibilities.

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