Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Abs Workout Or Infomercial Scam

Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Abs Workout Or Infomercial Scam

Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Abs Workout or​ Infomercial Scam?
Here we​ go again,​ yet another infomercial promising flat,​ sculptured abs without having to​ do ‘painful’ crunches or​ situps. So,​ what’s the​ deal? the​ Hip Hop Abs package comes with four DVDs,​ a​ 30 day workout calendar and 24/7 ‘online support’ somewhat misleading as​ the​ ‘expert’ support is​ limited to​ forum exchanges with other users and the​ occasional live chat with Shaun T. Unless you download the​ DVDs from the​ internet you will have to​ pay $60,​ plus shipping and handling.
The target groups of​ this workout program are evidently women and gay men,​ like Shaun himself. Straight males might be somewhat irritated by his constant chatter although you can turn up the​ volume of​ the​ music over the​ talk and the​ way he moderates the​ program. the​ Hip Hop moves shown on​ the​ DVDs are nothing you can boast with at​ a​ club,​ so if​ you want to​ learn real moves,​ I ​ suggest you take Hip Hop classes at​ your local gym instead.
The most important thing you have to​ know is​ that,​ in​ order to​ get tight,​ strongly defined abs,​ nothing beats bicycle manoeuvre,​ captains chair and crunches on​ an exercise balls,​ as​ recently proven again by a​ study conducted at​ the​ University of​ San Diego. So,​ if​ sexy abs is​ your only goal,​ if​ you can motivate yourself and eat healthily,​ just do one of​ the​ aforementioned three exercises every day and you will get a​ better result than with anything sold through an infomercial. So,​ what is​ the​ Hip Hop Abs workout good for? Check out these Pros and Cons
Doing the​ moves shown on​ the​ exercise DVDs sure beats sitting on​ the​ couch and just watching the​ tube. if​ you do it​ right,​ work up a​ sweat and actually get your heart rate up,​ you can lose weight; especially if​ you stick to​ the​ diet plan that comes with the​ package. it​ can make sense to​ add it​ to​ your daily routine and you can get a​ nice endorphin boost.
Depending on​ the​ type of​ person you are,​ you might have a​ good time watching the​ Shaun T working his sexy body up into a​ sweat and listening to​ his talk. in​ that case the​ short workouts will fly right by.
The key problem with Hip Hop Abs is​ that it​ is​ not the​ ultimate workout for your abs. the​ ‘standing crunch’ advertised as​ the​ core movement is​ in​ no way as​ effective as​ cycling,​ the​ captain’s chair or​ real crunches. a​ muscle shortening by bending slightly as​ shown in​ Hip Hop Abs does not stimulate you abs and make them grow bigger and stronger. This is​ one clear point where the​ people selling the​ product are trying to​ mislead you.
Hip Hop Abs is​ not a​ cardio vascular exercise. if​ you are in​ halfway decent shape,​ the​ workout routines of​ Shaun T won’t make you break out in​ a​ big sweat. With time you get used to​ the​ drill and as​ your muscles adapt and your movements become more efficient your body will be less and less challenged. in​ order to​ challenge it​ more you will have to​ ‘upgrade’ to​ the​ advanced workouts,​ which basically means buying more stuff from them.
The moves are not for everybody and take some time getting used to. it​ is​ in​ no way real Hip Hop what you are learning there. Additionally,​ the​ music and Shaun T are not for everybody,​ which is​ fair enough.
‘Testimonials’ claim to​ have used the​ product and to​ have lost as​ much as​ 3 inches on​ their hips in​ as​ little as​ three days. Such a​ weight loss in​ such a​ short time is​ not only highly unlikely,​ but were it​ true would it​ be everything else but healthy. Don’t buy the​ product and expect to​ look like Shaun T after a​ few weeks.
In many forums people complain about the​ customer service delivered by Hip Hop Abs and about being overcharged or​ receiving stuff they didn’t actually want to​ buy. if​ you are set on​ buying the​ product,​ use pay pal or​ make sure you don’t get scammed or​ overcharged for stuff you never wanted. .
Now,​ is​ Hip Hop Abs the​ ultimate abs workout or​ a​ total scam like other products advertised in​ infomercials? the​ answer is​ neither.
If dancing is​ your thing,​ if​ you think this looks like a​ fun way to​ lose weight and if​ you are willing to​ spend the​ money,​ then by all means do it​ and give Hip Hop Abs a​ shot. if​ it​ gets you off the​ couch and makes you exercise every day,​ if​ it​ makes you change to​ a​ healthier diet and makes you feel better about yourself,​ then it​ is​ worth it.
If you are looking for the​ best way to​ build your abs,​ you should stick to​ the​ scientifically proven methods. Doing real abs exercises might burn a​ little,​ but how sweet is​ that pain if​ it​ actually delivers results that can be measured. Furthermore,​ Hip Hop Abs is​ not a​ suitable cardiovascular exercise since it​ is​ neither progressive nor adaptive. if​ you want to​ build up a​ real sweat,​ rather go for a​ run or​ use the​ cardio machines in​ your gym. That will make you lose weight faster and you can track your own progress better.

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