High Impact Traffic By Writing Articles

So you have a​ website but your traffic counters are not exactly burning? Maybe it’s not even turning! You may have tried reciprocal linking to​ gain search engine rankings. It's boring isn’t it! Reciprocal linking with other on-theme websites will slowly help increase your website's rankings in​ the​ search engines such as​ Google,​ Yahoo and MSN. However,​ it​ takes a​ long time and each time someone links to​ you,​ you get one link back to​ your site. I’d like to​ introduce you to​ a​ much more effective method.

This method is​ very easy and not nearly as​ boring. Simply write an​ article about a​ topic that is​ relevant to​ your site; please make sure you include a​ link back to​ your site in​ the​ author’s by-lines. Then submit it​ to​ a​ submission service such as​ Isnare. They will then distribute your article and other websites will pick it​ up. So instead of​ your one measly backlink for a​ reciprocal link you could get one hundred,​ two hundred or​ even a​ thousand backlinks.

Several things will determine how many people will pick up your article:

1.) How many different sites you submit it​ to​
2.) How interesting and well written your article is​
3.) How catchy the​ headline is​
4.) How much public interest there is​ in​ the​ topic

With the​ above considered,​ you can make your website very successful by submitting articles. I recommend submitting 3 articles in​ a​ week,​ and then continue submitting one or​ two articles a​ week for a​ month. This should get you a​ nice amount of​ traffic for a​ long period of​ time. Obviously the​ more articles you write,​ the​ more traffic you receive. This traffic is​ not only from people reading your articles but from the​ search engines,​ as​ your ranking will improve as​ you gain more links back to​ your site. So go on,​ get writing,​ the​ world's your oyster!

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