Heriditary Hair Loss Symptoms Causes And Treatment Options

Heriditary Hair Loss Symptoms Causes And Treatment Options

Heriditary Hair loss Symptoms,​ Causes and​ Treatment Options
The ordinary kind of​ hair loss,​ called hereditary hair loss,​ can affect both men and​ women,​ but women are usually affected less than men . ​
the​ condition is​ so common that it​ nearly can be regarded as​ a​ part of​ the​ normal aging process . ​

The pattern of​ hair loss and​ baldness are different for​ men and​ women . ​
on​ men special areas on​ the​ head begin get totally bald . ​
These areas are usually at​ both sides of​ the​ front,​ and​ the​ top back side of​ the​ head . ​
the​ hair loss then progresses with these areas extending,​ and​ at​ last most of​ the​ head can be totally without hair . ​
However,​ a​ great area in​ the​ neck uses to​ remain unaffected and​ keeps a​ thick hair cover . ​
the​ same is​ usually true about the​ area in​ front of​ each ear . ​

On women all the​ hair on​ the​ head begins thinning,​ and​ then gradually progress over the​ whole head for​ many years . ​
Women seldom get totally bald areas on​ their head,​ but the​ hair often gets so thin that the​ scalp is​ clearly visible through the​ hair . ​

The skin has there layers the​ outer layer,​ called epidermis,​ consists of​ epithelial cells . ​
Under this lies the​ dermis consisting of​ connective tissue . ​
at​ the​ bottom there is​ a​ layer called the​ hypodermis consisting mostly of​ fat cells . ​

The skin has narrow pores,​ hair follicles,​ extending from the​ surface down to​ the​ top of​ the​ subdermis,​ called hair follicles . ​
a​ hair extend from a​ growth zone in​ the​ bottom of​ each hair follicle and​ out at​ the​ skin surface
By the​ common form of​ hair loss,​ a​ substance in​ the​ body,​ dihydroxytestosterone DHT,​ gives a​ signal to​ the​ cells in​ the​ hair follicles that make these cells divide less so that the​ production of​ hair slows or​ stops . ​

DHT is​ a​ metabolic product from testosterone,​ the​ male sex hormone . ​
Also women have some amount of​ testosterone and​ DHT in​ their body,​ and​ therefore hair loss also affects women . ​

Only cells that are susceptible to​ the​ influence from DHT will slow the​ growth process . ​
This susceptibility is​ inherited from the​ parents by some individuals,​ and​ not by other . ​
Follicle cells in​ the​ lower parts of​ the​ head are usually also resistant against the​ influence from DHT,​ and​ therefore these areas seldom get bald . ​

The effectiveness of​ hair growth will not only be affected by DHT . ​
Other substances found in​ the​ tissue may give the​ cells signals to​ divide more,​ and​ nutrients like vitamins,​ minerals and​ essential fatty acids may make the​ growth process more effective . ​
Some substances in​ the​ tissue may also block the​ DHT or​ ease the​ removal of​ this substance . ​
Therefore all individuals susceptible to​ the​ influence of​ DHT will not lose hair in​ the​ same extent . ​

Having a​ good diet giving the​ body vitamins,​ minerals and​ antioxidants in​ the​ right amount may slow down the​ speed of​ hair loss . ​

There exist pharmacological products on​ the​ market that can help against hair loss,​ but usually not 100% effectively . ​
Medicines used to​ treat prostate hypertrophy also have been proven to​ stop hair loss and​ to​ get hair to​ regain,​ because these ​Drug​s block the​ substance DHT . ​
Propecia is​ a​ prescription bound ​Drug​ to​ take by mouth based on​ an​ original prostate medicine . ​

Rogain is​ a​ topical ​Drug​ to​ apply 23 times each day that does not block the​ DHT,​ but stimulates the​ hair follicles cells to​ proliferate better . ​

There are many natural products on​ the​ market to​ help against hair loss . ​
These products often contain several substances working together by different principles . ​

They may contain vitamins or​ minerals that are necessary for​ hair growth . ​
Other substances give signals to​ the​ hair follicles to​ increase hair growth,​ for​ example procyanidin B2 . ​
Some ingredients work as​ antioxidants that inhibit oxidative attack on​ the​ follicle cells,​ like Larginine . ​

Some natural products also contain substances to​ block DHT . ​
Saw palmetto extract contains substances acting as​ DHT blockers by much of​ the​ same mechanism as​ prostate medicines . ​

Still other ingredients can reduce the​ conversion of​ testosterone to​ DHT . ​
Grean tea extract have shown itself to​ contain substances with this effect . ​

Surgery is​ an​ effective treatment against baldness in​ limited areas . ​
By surgery hair follicles from parts of​ the​ scull immune to​ DHT are moved to​ bold areas . ​
the​ hair in​ the​ treated areas will however not get as​ tight as​ naturally growing hair . ​

It is​ also possible to​ implant artificial hair into the​ scalp . ​
By this method,​ large bald areas can be covered,​ but the​ treatment implies a​ certain danger for​ infection,​ requires good hair hygiene afterwards and​ requires a​ regular refill to​ replace lost hairs . ​

Heriditary Hair Loss Symptoms Causes And Treatment Options

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