Herbs For Hair Growth

Herbs For Hair Growth

Herbs for​ hair growth
Hair is​ made up of​ a​ protein called keratin . ​
the​ hair that we​ see and​ care so much about is​ actually nothing but dead cells . ​
the​ part that is​ living is​ below the​ scalp and​ is​ called the​ follicle . ​
Near the​ follicle are the​ sebaceous glands that make the​ hair look vibrant and​ shiny . ​
These sebaceous glands make the​ hair look oily or​ dry depending on​ the​ sebum production . ​

The following are the​ uses of​ herbs for​ hair growth

The first positive thing about using herbs for​ hair growth is​ that there are no side effects associated with them like the​ ​Drug​s that are available in​ the​ market . ​
if​ you​ have Lifeless hair,​ it​ can be made better with massage with good herbal oil . ​

 Applying henna to​ hair deep conditions it . ​
Henna is​ a​ very traditional and​ widely used treatment for​ hair growth . ​
This herb is​ available in​ tropics . ​
Henna is​ also used as​ a​ natural dye . ​
Henna is​ mixed with other herbs like gooseberry,​ coffee and​ lemon juice . ​
This mixture is​ a​ very good cure for​ hair fall . ​

 Massage your hair with warm oil . ​
Take a​ fresh green coconut and​ massage some warm coconut milk into the​ hair . ​
Keep this on​ for​ an​ hour and​ a​ half . ​
This will make the​ hair soft and​ healthy . ​

 Use Aloe Vera gel on​ the​ hair once in​ a​ week and​ wash your hair . ​

 Hair loss is​ usually due to​ infection that harms the​ follicle . ​
you​ can get rid of​ this infection by the​ use of​ the​ water on​ the​ hair with Neem leaves that have been boiled for​ 5 minutes . ​
Neem is​ considered as​ a​ natural disinfectant and​ doesn’t damage the​ hair shaft . ​
it​ is​ also known to​ cure dandruff,​ which is​ also one of​ the​ reasons for​ hair loss . ​

 Honey mixed with warm oil and​ a​ teaspoonful of​ cinnamon powder has to​ be rubbed into the​ scalp . ​
This should be left on​ the​ scalp for​ around 15 minutes . ​
This helps in​ hair growth and​ helps in​ keeping the​ hair soft and​ shiny . ​

 Crushed olive leaves mixed with vinegar should be applied on​ the​ hair . ​
This a​ great remedy for​ hair loss . ​

 A paste made of​ honey and​ egg yolk is​ also used for​ hair growth . ​
to​ counter the​ smell caused by egg can be countered by rinsing the​ hair with lemon juice
Doctors recommend diets rich in​ nutrients that boost the​ growth of​ hair . ​
if​ your want to​ stop hair loss you​ should include lots of​ ‘Vitamin A’ rich diet . ​
Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach,​ milk,​ sprouted beans and​ salads . ​
Increase the​ intake of​ Protein rich diet and​ you​ will naturally healthy hairs which promote hair growth . ​

Good hair adds beauty to​ your personality and​ it​ is​ only a​ healthy body that can be capped with beautiful hair . ​
Eating nutritious diet and​ protein rich diets that are healthy to​ your health will add starts to​ your crowning glory . ​

Herbs For Hair Growth

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