Helpful Questions And Tips On Niche Marketing

Helpful Questions And Tips On Niche Marketing

Helpful Questions and​ Tips on​ Niche Marketing
My clients and​ students are surprised and​ delighted to​ discover that a​ refined niche marketing strategy not only attracts significantly more business but also provides richer opportunities for​ self expression . ​
to​ help you​ discern your own market niche,​ try using where and​ who questions like the​ following
Where Questions
Where do you​ consistently find kindred spirits?
Where are you​ most credible?
Where is​ there the​ greatest need coupled with the​ greatest appreciation for​ your work?
Where do the​ people who need your work most often have breakdowns that would cause them to​ hire you?
Who Questions
Who is​ naturally drawn to​ you​ and​ to​ your work?
To whom are the​ things that seem obvious to​ you​ a​ revelation?
Who is​ traveling a​ path that you​ have successfully walked yourself?
Whose language do you​ speak?
Whose concerns can you​ reliably anticipate and​ address?
Whom is​ it​ easy for​ you​ to​ serve?
Knowing and​ working from your strengths are essential parts of​ developing your niche marketing strategy
There are probably several ways in​ which your strengths can add value in​ the​ marketplace . ​
Therefore,​ developing a​ niche is​ a​ process of​ exploring several possibilities and​ gradually refining them . ​

You might think about developing a​ market niche as​ akin to​ planting a​ garden . ​
you​ start by planting lots of​ seeds rather close together . ​
as​ these germinate,​ you​ keep the​ strongest sprouts and​ remove the​ others . ​
as​ your garden grows,​ you​ will continue to​ thin and​ prune until only the​ strongest and​ healthiest plants remain . ​
Along the​ way you​ give away or​ compost the​ seedlings and​ trimmings; nothing is​ lost . ​

As you​ refine your niche marketing strategy,​ youll grow in​ integrity and​ confidence . ​
With time,​ youll know with certainty which customers are right for​ you,​ and​ youll attract more of​ them . ​

Are you​ Afraid of​ Using Niche Marketing Because it​ May Turn Away Business?
As you​ refine your market niche,​ you​ may experience some anxiety that focusing on​ your niche will deprive you​ of​ needed business . ​
What do you​ do if​ someone outside of​ your niche wants to​ hire you?
Talk to​ them . ​
See how well you​ fit . ​
There is​ nothing about a​ focused niche that says you​ cannot work with a​ variety of​ clients . ​
the​ point of​ a​ niche is​ not to​ confine you,​ but to​ create the​ healthiest ecosystem for​ your business . ​
Focusing your market niche is​ like focusing a​ great searchlight that can be seen for​ miles around . ​
Your searchlight may attract people from beyond your niche precisely because you​ have defined that niche . ​

While you​ always have the​ option of​ working with anyone who is​ attracted by your focused niche,​ do beware of​ trying to​ be all things to​ all people . ​
Not only are you​ likely to​ fail at​ this,​ but you​ run an​ increased risk of​ coming across as​ inauthentic and​ insincere . ​
the​ cost of​ not applying a​ niche marketing strategy is​ not being recognized for​ the​ offer that you​ are and​ not having a​ fulcrum from which to​ leverage that offer for​ increased effectiveness,​ service,​ and​ prosperity . ​
the​ longer you​ persist in​ marketing to​ everyone and​ anyone who could conceivably hire you,​ the​ more certain it​ is​ that you​ will burn out,​ leaving yourself and​ your clients or​ customers dissatisfied . ​
in​ order to​ make a​ compelling declaration of​ what you​ are up to,​ you​ must be willing to​ say no to​ those clients,​ projects,​ and​ possibilities that are not well within the​ scope of​ your passion and​ your expertise . ​

It is​ important to​ look to​ the​ market to​ see what your prospective customers and​ clients want . ​
But look with a​ keen eye for​ how the​ needs and​ desires of​ the​ market match your strengths,​ talents,​ and​ passions . ​
Say no to​ the​ opportunities that are a​ poor match,​ so that your vision and​ resources can be focused on​ the​ projects and​ relationships that are most likely to​ succeed . ​

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