Hello From Orlando Discovering Orlando's Historic Downtown Neighbourhoods And Parks

Hello From Orlando Discovering Orlando's Historic Downtown
Neighbourhoods And Parks

Downtown Orlando offers a​ welcome reprieve from the purpose-built areas to​ the south-west of​ the city that have been created solely to​ accommodate tourists. in​ fact, many of​ the historic downtown neighborhoods are beautiful, offer a​ great variety of​ architecture, and​ give you​ a​ feeling of​ community where regular people actually live and​ work.

Right around the downtown core are a​ number of​ beautiful neighbourhoods that lend themselves nicely to​ exploration​ on​ foot. Some of​ the streets are cobble-stoned, making them the perfect destination​ for​ a​ neighborhood walk.

After visiting Loch Haven Park, on​ this​ grey and​ drizzly day, we decided to​ drive south, park our vehicle and​ explore some of​ the central neighbourhoods on​ foot. We parked in​ Lake Cherokee Park, walked all the way around the lake and​ delighted in​ admiring the upscale architecture and​ the wildlife on​ the lake.

Bird lovers are able to​ see a​ great variety of​ water birds right in​ the middle of​ town and​ we observed one waterbird, as​ it​ sat quietly and​ then catapulted its head forward to​ catch its winged prey, all within​ a​ split second...

on​ this​ misty day the atmosphere was even a​ bit mysterious, with Spanish moss hanging down from ancient oak trees. you​ could almost see mist drifting off the lake. One of​ the interesting features of​ Orlando are its lakes, more than 300 of​ them, that can be found throughout the entire city, and​ many of​ them are equipped with facilities and​ public parks.

We carried on​ from Lake Cherokee to​ Lake Lucerne, which is​ immediately south of​ Orlando's downtown core. Several fountains adorn the middle of​ the lake and​ you​ get a​ perfect view of​ downtown Orlando's architecture.

Orlando has a​ surprising number of​ public parks with special facilities that provide recreational opportunities for​ local residents as​ well as​ tourists. With the help of​ the City of​ Orlando's website I have compiled a​ list of​ some of​ the special outdoor public spaces that Orlando has to​ offer. These places include a​ very reasonably priced golf course, Loch Haven Park - Orlando's center of​ culture and​ science, the Dickson​ Azalea Park, a​ variety of​ wetland​ areas, an​ ecology center, camping and​ more. in​ one word, public spaces that offer free or​ inexpensive recreational and​ educational opportunities:

Lake Cherokee is​ bordered by a​ 3.8 acre scenic park and​ surrounded by the Lake Cherokee Historic district, a​ residential neighborhood with architecture representing virtually every significant period of​ Orlando’s history.

Lake Eola Park is​ a​ popular destination​ in​ the downtown area, with many people taking advantage of​ the beautiful surroundings to​ walk at​ lunch or​ in​ the evenings. The sidewalk that circles the lake is​ .9 miles in​ length, making it​ easy for​ visitors to​ keep track of​ their walking or​ running distances. Other activities available to​ park visitors include renting ($10 for​ ½ hour) swan-shaped paddle boats, feeding the live swans and​ other birds inhabiting the park, being paddled around the lake on​ a​ romantic gondola cruise (www.gondola.com), seeing a​ concert or​ a​ play in​ the Walt Disney Amphitheater, watching the children play in​ the playground, grabbing a​ bite to​ eat at​ The Terrace on​ Lake Eola or​ relaxing amid beautiful flower beds and​ a​ spectacular view of​ Orlando’s skyline.

Orlando Loch Haven Park covers 45 acres and​ serves as​ the region’s premier cultural park. Nestled between three lakes, Lake Estelle on​ the north, Lake Rowena on​ the east, and​ Lake Formosa on​ the south, the park is​ located on​ North Mills Avenue and​ Princeton​ Street. The park was renovated in​ February 2018. With the many museums or​ theatre groups located in​ the park, there is​ always something new to​ see or​ do. The lawn areas in​ the center portion​ of​ the park are wonderful places to​ sit and​ enjoy the lake views shaded by majestic oak trees. One of​ Central Florida’s oldest and​ largest oak trees, "The Mayor", grows in​ the park near Orlando’s Mennello Museum of​ American Folk Art.

Located just minutes from downtown Orlando, Dubsdread Golf Course features the oldest public layout in​ the area, originally designed in​ 1923. this​ classic course has plenty of​ history attached to​ it​ as​ the former site of​ the Orlando Open, when it​ hosted such golf legends as​ Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, and​ Claude Harmon. Today, golfers are treated to​ the same beautiful scenery and​ challenges of​ the original course, including narrow fairways and​ heavily bunkered greens. a​ full restaurant and​ bar complete the ultimate golfing experience. Dubsdread is​ also the home of​ the Dubsdread Golf Learning Center, a​ full service teaching facility. Visit "www.historicaldubsdread.com" for​ more information.

The Mayor Carl T. Langford Neighborhood Center provides a​ natural oasis in​ downtown Orlando. The center is​ located in​ a​ shady oasis of​ mature oaks, wide sidewalks, green lawns, birds, butterflies and​ plenty of​ room for​ the kids to​ play. Young children will love the swinging bridge over the creek and​ the playground . There are a​ great deal of​ educational and​ fun nature programs offered in​ this​ beautiful neighorbood center.It offers a​ yearly summer nature and​ art camp, as​ well as​ family and​ corporate picnics at​ a​ reasonable rate. The Mayor Carl T. Langford Park is​ a​ beautiful place to​ have a​ quaint wedding ceremony at​ an​ affordable rate. The Central Florida Folk, Inc. performs the second Sunday of​ each month through fall and​ spring.

The Wetlands Park is​ a​ great place to​ come out, relax and​ enjoy nature. The most popular activities are bird-watching, nature photography, jogging and​ bicycling. Nature enthusiasts will be greeted by 1,650 acres of​ hardwood hammocks, marshes and​ lakes. There are over 20 miles of​ roads and​ woodland​ trails crisscrossing the Park.

Experience a​ walk through time as​ you​ meander along Fern Creek in​ historic Dickson​ Azalea Park located across the street from the City of​ Orlando’s Mayor Carl T. Langford Park. The Washington​ Street Bridge was constructed in​ 1926 and​ is​ reflective of​ many bridges found in​ South Florida. The lush landscaping, singing birds and​ flowing water are a​ treat to​ many visitors. this​ park is​ an​ oasis for​ those needing a​ quiet place to​ eat lunch or​ to​ reflect when this​ area was a​ watering hole years ago for​ cattle ranchers to​ quench the thirst of​ their cattle in​ Ferncreek. The dragonflies, shady trees and​ quietness of​ Dickson​ Azalea Park are a​ must see for​ people of​ all ages to​ experience.

Enjoy a​ day of​ family fun and​ play in​ the City of​ Orlando's beautiful 300-acre Bill Frederick Park at​ Turkey Lake. Open year-round, seven days a​ week this​ park has something for​ everyone. a​ swimming pool is​ open for​ those hot summer days, large pavilions for​ huge group picnics are available for​ rent and​ small sun shelters for​ family gatherings are available on​ a​ first come first serve basis. The well stocked lake for​ fishing is​ tempting to​ all anglers from novice to​ experienced. a​ children's farm is​ on-site as​ a​ remnant of​ the farm era of​ the property. The Ecology Center has an​ air conditioned meeting room. The camping area is​ a​ reasonably priced destination​ for​ people from all over the U.S. and​ the world who visit Orlando and​ area attractions. Another area has bunk houses and​ grills for​ those nature based group retreats or​ chaperoned youth groups. Park visitors are offered a​ wide variety of​ nature-oriented activities including: hiking, baseball / softball, volleyball, biking, and​ large playground for​ the kids. Feel free to​ take advantage of​ our Youth Group rates, Family Pass and​ Individual Pass.

As you​ can see, in​ addition​ to​ theme parks, Orlando offers a​ surprising variety of​ inexpensive family fun and​ recreational opportunities off the beaten path that offer interesting things to​ explore for​ the whole family.

for​ more information​ about Orlando please contact the Orlando Convention​ and​ Visitors Bureau.

this​ entire article including photos is​ located at​ http://www.travelandtransitions.com/stories_photos/orlando_parks_neighbhourhoods.htm

Hello From Orlando Discovering Orlando's Historic Downtown
Neighbourhoods And Parks

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