Healing Meditation

Healing Meditation Using the​ Chakras System
When the​ body,​ mind,​ and​ spirit are working harmoniously together,​ the​ results are awareness,​ well being,​ and​ a​ balanced thought. ​
In fact,​ nothing can beat the​ feeling of​ being healed on​ all levels. ​
This can be achieved through healing meditation.
Healing meditation is​ done to​ reprogram the​ negative thoughts that cause diseases or​ illnesses to​ become positive desires in​ achieving wholeness and​ health. ​
Your perception of​ the​ image does not really matter at ​ all. ​
Most people are seeing themselves through the​ eyes of​ their minds. ​
Some just imagine the​ ongoing process happens in​ all parts of​ their body. ​
Others may simply accept the​ fact that whatever they imagine also happens to​ them in​ reality. ​
Regardless of​ whichever category you​ belong,​ you​ participate actively in​ the​ process of​ healing. ​
This is​ the​ most important thing you​ could do. ​

Among the​ easiest forms of​ healing meditation is​ the​ Chakra System. ​
The effects are quite profound. ​
During the​ healing process,​ the​ patients chakras are the​ center of​ importance. ​
Your body has 7 major chakras Chakra System and​ a​ lot of​ lesssignificant minor chakras. ​
They are considered as​ energy centers,​ points wherein energy flows,​ and​ the​ bodys energy junctions. ​
These are the​ energetic connections to​ your spiritual essence and​ pure consciousness. ​
The chakras energetic operations make every part of​ your body,​ emotions,​ mind,​ and​ spirit possible. ​

Every single chakra or​ basic energy center is​ a​ distinctive character corresponding to​ a​ unique part of​ your being. ​
These are energy patterns shaped similar to​ whirlpools or​ funnels of​ energy wherein each vortex lie inside your body,​ along your spinal cord center of​ energy channels going up into your head. ​
Follow these guidelines using the​ Chakra System. ​

1. Like other posture of​ meditation,​ Chakra recommends you​ to​ sit in​ a​ straight position. ​
Lay your feet flat on​ the​ floor with uncrossed legs. ​
Put your hands on​ your lap exposing your palms. ​

2. Let a​ sapphire blue or​ white light surrounds you. ​
you​ can also ask the​ help of​ meditation guides or​ other meditation practitioners to​ assist you​ during the​ process. ​

3. The Chakra Center has cabinets containing the​ Chakra Plates. ​
Every plate has a​ diameter of​ six inches similar to​ a​ dessert plates size. ​

4. Starting with the​ Root Chakras cabinet,​ remove the​ Chakra Plate. ​
Check for any breakage,​ discoloration or​ chips. ​
Since it’s the​ Root Chakras cabinet,​ the​ plate must be a​ beautiful bright red corresponding with the​ color of​ the​ Chakra. ​
if ​ the​ plate has no damage,​ then make it​ shine better in​ a​ clockwise direction before returning it​ back in​ the​ cabinet. ​

5. Repair any cracks if ​ possible but if ​ not then dispose it. ​
Replace it​ with a​ brand new Chakras plate then make it​ shiny before placing it​ in​ the​ cabinet. ​
Continue the​ procedure until all the​ Chakras are finished. ​
This is​ also the​ point where you​ can thank all the​ people who have assisted you​ in​ the​ cleaning process. ​
Never forget that thanking them is​ not only showing your good etiquette but also appreciate their goodness and​ patience with you​ during the​ healing meditation process. ​

Healing meditation can change your condition. ​
But to​ obtain successful results,​ it​ needs regular practice. ​
So,​ achieve the​ true healing using the​ Chakra System. ​

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