Hdd Recovery Pro Partition Recovery Software V 2 4 8 New Version Release

HDD Recovery Pro - Partition Recovery Software v.2.4.8 New Version Release
HDD Recovery Pro - Partition Recovery Software v.2.4.8 New Version Release
Recent Changes:
1) Preview deleted files BEFORE BUY
2) Support NTFS,​ NTFS5,​ NTFS+EFS,​ FAT16,​ FAT32,​ VFAT file systems.
3) Supports Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Server 2003/ Vista Operating Systems
4) Easy NTFS and FAT Partitions Recovery Wizard
Info Page:the-undelete.com/windows_partition_recovery.php
Download Url:the-undelete.com/hdd_recovery_pro_setup.exeOrder Page:the-undelete.com/purchase.php
Completely recover files and data from damaged hard drives with HDD Recovery Pro.If you​ have lost information due to​ a​ hard drive failure,​ you​ may still be able to​ recover all your files and documents without knowing anything about file systems,​ partitions,​ FAT or​ NTFS volumes.
There are services out there that will take your hard drive and guarantee data recovery .​
But did you​ consider the​ drawbacks? If you​ have sensitive information on​ the​ corrupted hard drive,​ such information will fall in​ hands of​ a​ third party .​
It takes time to​ mail the​ hard disk and get your data mailed back to​ you.
Finally,​ these services may cost you​ an​ arm and a​ leg depending on​ the​ complexity of​ the​ data recovery job.You can do yourself exactly what these services do to​ recover lost data from your damaged hard drive .​
HDD Recovery Pro automates entire process of​ data recovery after your hard drive fails,​ or​ if​ you​ accidentally format it,​ or​ even if​ you​ simply delete a​ file or​ a​ folder.
Accidentally formatted a​ hard drive? No problem! HDD Recovery Pro will look for formatted partitions,​ scan and re-create their file structure,​ and let you​ choose files you​ want to​ salvage.Even if​ your disk is​ completely inaccessible after a​ crash,​ HDD Recovery Pro scans your hard drive for damaged partitions to​ find and correct corrupted or​ damaged partition tables.
you​ don’t have to​ be a​ computer technician or​ know anything at​ all about FAT or​ NTFS structures .​
HDD Recovery Pro does its job completely automatically,​ re-creating all necessary file system and directory structures .​
All you​ have to​ do is​ select files and folder you​ want to​ restore from a​ simple dialog box,​ and HDD Recovery Pro will do the​ rest.
HDD Recovery Pro recovers lost data in​ most common hard drive failures,​ including damaged or​ corrupted drives,​ inaccessible disks,​ damaged or​ corrupted partition tables and file systems .​
It restores deleted files and recovers data from formatted hdd,​ flash cards and cameras.
HDD Recovery is​ available at​ www.the-undelete.com for free evaluation.

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