Have A Health Problem Yoga Can Solve It Part 2

Have A Health Problem Yoga Can Solve It Part 2

This is​ part 2 of​ my series depicting the​ use of​ Yoga poses for alleviating health challenges and ailments. Do remember friends,​ Yoga works hand in​ hand with a​ proper diet. That can’t be overemphasized,​ so in​ learning these poses,​ keep in​ mind to​ learn how to​ improve your diet as​ well for success. Here we​ go:

11. Delaying Old Age: Sun Salutations,​ Shoulder-stand,​ Bridge Pose,​ Fish Pose,​ Wheel Pose,​ Abdominal lift and Breathing exercises.

12. Depression: Sun Salutations,​ shoulder stand and its counter pose,​ backward bending and balancing exercises.

13. Determination (lack of): Balancing exercises!

14. Diabetes: Head to​ Knee Poses (Sitting and Standing),​ Sun Salutations,​ Bow Pose. (Eat Lots of​ Celery and leafy vegetables and more Sub acid fruits such as​ the​ Stone fruits in​ Summer and apples and pears in​ Fall and winter,​ Berries in​ Spring)

15. Digestive Problems: Abdominal Isolations and lifts,​ Shoulder-stand,​ Plough Head to​ knee pose,​ Bow Pose,​ Peacock pose (A 2-3 day juice fast!)

16. Eye problems: Inverted poses: (Shoulder-stand and Plough Poses)

17. Excess Weight: Sun Salutations,​ Inverted Poses (plough and Shoulder stand) Bridge and Fish Pose,​ Bow and Breathing exercises (You must pick one: a​ restricted mono diet of​ fruit or​ a​ Juice fast for a​ week or​ two!)

18. Fatigue: Corpse Pose,​ Wheel Pose

19. Focus (lack of): Sun Salutations,​ balancing exercises and Breathing exercises.

20. Gastrointestinal Disorders: the​ Shoulder Stand Sequence,​ Head to​ knee Pose,​ Bow Pose,​ and the​ peacock pose.

21. Hips (Reduction of​ Fat): Spinal Twist,​ Twisted Crow Pose,​ Triangle Pose,​ Bow and Wheel Pose

22. Insomnia: the​ Inverted Poses,​ the​ corpse pose and Breathing exercises.

23. Jaw (Sagging): Sun Salutations,​ Shoulder stand and her counter poses,​ head to​ knee poses (sitting) and its counter pose,​ Wheel Pose.

That’s ‘D’ to​ ‘J’,​
See you next series…

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