Have A Health Problem Yoga Can Solve It Part 3

Have A Health Problem Yoga Can Solve It Part 3

“L” is​ for let’s do Yoga…just kidding. But seriously,​ Yoga is​ more than just poses and meditation or​ stretching. it​ is​ healing as​ well…and you’ll be on​ an​ unstoppable pace with a​ proper diet too. Here are the​ rest of​ the​ recommended poses for various health problems as​ applicable.

24. Laryngitis: Sun Salutations,​ the​ Shoulder stand and its counter pose. the​ Wheel pose.

25. Lethargy: Sun Salutations,​ Shoulder stand and its counter poses,​ the​ Wheel Pose and the​ Balancing Poses.

26. Menopause Disorders: Bow,​ Shoulder stand,​ Fish,​ Plough and Head to​ Knee Poses.

27. Menstrual disorders: Bow,​ Shoulder stand,​ Fish,​ Plough and Head to​ Knee Poses.

28. Nervousness: Shoulder stand and its counter-poses,​ Bow pose and Corpse pose

29. Ovarian Insufficiency: Inverted Poses,​ Bow Pose,​ Wheel Pose,​ Abdominal Isolation and the​ Head to​ Knee pose.

30. Premature ejaculations: Shoulder stand,​ Plough pose,​ Head to​ Knee Poses,​ Bow Pose and Peacock Pose. Abdominal Lifts.

31. Pubic Disorders: Sun Salutations,​ Inverted poses,​ Head to​ Knee Poses (sitting and standing)

32. Rheumatism: Sun Salutations (mildly 3-6 rounds),​ the​ Bow Pose and Triangle Poses. (Avoid Dairy,​ Wheat and Animal products and other processed and convenience foods!)

33. Sexual disorders: Inverted Poses,​ Head to​ knee poses sitting and standing,​ bow pose,​ Balancing Poses (Peacock and Crow variations)

34. Spinal Stiffness: Spinal Twist,​ Bow,​ Sun Salutations Twisted Crow Poses.

35. Stomach Sagging: Inverted Poses,​ Head to​ Knee Poses,​ Bow Pose,​ Wheel Pose,​ Balancing Exercises.

36. Thighs: Sun Salutations,​ Inverted poses,​ Diamond Pose,​ Bow and Wheel Pose,​ Head to​ knee Poses,​ Triangle Poses.

37. Thyroid Deficiency: Shoulder-Stand and Plough poses. (Include Celery and Green Leafy veggies in​ your diet and juices)

38. Uterine disorders: Inverted Poses and the​ bow pose

39. Varicose Veins: Inverted poses,​ Head to​ knee Poses and the​ Backward bending Exercises

40. Waistline-to reduce and firm: Sun Salutations,​ Inverted Poses,​ Spinal Twists,​ Triangle Poses,​ Balancing exercises

41. Wrinkles: inverted Poses,​ head to​ knee poses,​ Sun Salutations and the​ balancing exercises.

There you have it,​ the​ comprehensive list of​ what pose can help with any ailment you may have. Here is​ another tip,​ for any of​ these ailments listed above,​ incorporate what Philippus Paracelsus has named ’the greatest remedy--the physician within!" and that my friends is​ a​ Fast or​ as​ an​ alternative a​ restricted mono-diet of​ a​ juicy fruit.

Yoga,​ a​ proper diet and mental attunements combined can be a​ panacea (cure-all) for just about any disease,​ so target what you may be encumbered with and with dedicated practice,​ you should see a​ drastic improvement.

Have A Health Problem Yoga Can Solve It Part 3

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