Have A Health Problem Yoga Can Solve It Part 1

Have A Health Problem Yoga Can Solve It Part 1

What was once ridiculed as​ a​ bizarre fad in​ health has been widely accepted as​ a​ way of​ life for many people. This ‘fad’ however has been in​ practice for over 5,​ 000 years and is​ known as​ Yoga. Though it​ is​ recognized as​ a​ form of​ exercise,​ some specific poses unique to​ this method of​ physical culture have been highly recognized and recommended in​ the​ drugless healing cycles for centuries.

With a​ sensible and proper diet with emphasis on​ Fruits and Vegetables (the Mucus-less diet),​ these specific ailments listed below can each be alleviated with a​ consistent and wise execution of​ the​ poses recommended.

1. Acne: Sun Salutations,​ the​ shoulder-stand and its counter-poses,​ head to​ knee poses,​ Peacock poses and Abdominal Isolation.

2. Arms (Sagging): Sun Salutations,​ Incline plane pose,​ Bow Pose,​ Wheel pose and the​ Balancing Poses (peacock and Crow)

3. Asthma: Deep abdominal breathing,​ Shoulder-stand,​ bridge and fish Pose,​ Bow Pose and Corpse pose (Abstinence from animal products and ALL processed foods strongly required! Fruits and Veggies Only!)

4. Back-Ache: Sun Salutations,​ Fish pose,​ bow pose

5. Bad Breath: Sun Salutations,​ Inverted Poses,​ Bow and Balancing Poses,​ Cleansing fire Pose and Breathing exercises. (Short fasts and Restricted Occasional juicy organic fruit diets are recommended)

6. Body Odor: Sun Salutations,​ the​ Shoulder-stand (15-20 Minutes after the​ poses are practiced,​ use a​ warm damp rag to​ wipe the​ pubic regions)

7. Bust and Chest (firming): Sun Salutations,​ Bow,​ Crow pose

8. Chin-(prevention of​ double chin): Fish,​ Wheel,​ Sun Salutations

9. Common Cold: Sun Salutations,​ shoulder-stand and her counter- poses,​ Breathing Exercises,​ Nasal Irrigation (Avoid Dairy,​ Grain and Animal Products and of​ course Processed Foods,​ this is​ a​ good time to​ do a​ short fast!)

10. Constipation: Inverted Poses,​ Sun Salutations,​ head to​ knee Poses,​ Bow Pose,​ the​ balancing poses (Peacock and crow variations) (Fiber Rich Foods- Dates,​ celery,​ melons etc)

This concludes the​ first part of​ the​ 3-part series on​ how to​ use Yoga and a​ Proper diet to​ alleviate health symptoms.

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