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Having a​ hair cut can change your look completely. it​ can be better or​ worse. Sometimes you​ will feel better when having a​ new cut or​ color. Here is​ the​ story of​ hair.

The mysteries of​ maintaining beautiful hair should have been uncovered by now,​ but for​ many women finding a​ simple way to​ keep their hair looking wonderful is​ as​ elusive as​ it​ was to​ women centuries before. the​ desire for​ beautiful hair is​ not new. Ancient Egyptians shaved their heads and wore elaborate,​ heavy,​ braided wigs to​ achieve perfection. European history also abounds with torturous hair styles including the​ ornate,​ powdered styles wrapped around frames and horsehair which attracted vermin. All in​ the​ name of​ beauty.

Today,​ fashion still influences a​ woman's hairstyle but that doesn't mean you​ have to​ subject your hair to​ needless damage. Take advantage of​ the​ tips below on​ caring properly for​ your hair.

Even though your hair is​ not a​ living part of​ your body,​ itstill needs proper care for​ optimum health and beauty. One of​ the​ key elements to​ having shiny,​ healthy hair is​ to​ allow the​ natural oils in​ the​ scalp to​ lubricate it. the​ hair closest to​ the​ scalp benefits from natural sebum oils the​ most while longer hair can become dry and brittle from a​ lack of​ these oils.

No matter what exotic ingredients it's made up of​ ,​ shampoo performs a​ simple job of​ removing excess oils,​ pollution and styling product build up from the​ hair. All of​ your hair needs gentle cleansing but it​ is​ the​ top two or​ three inches that is​ most weighed down with natural oils and dulling hair products. Concentrating the​ washing in​ that area will reduce the​ amount of​ oils removed from longer areas of​ hair which can be over dried from the​ stripping of​ oils and extended contact with shampoo.

Conditioning on​ the​ other hand should be used sparingly,​ if​ at​ all,​ on​ the​ top inches of​ the​ hair while concentrated on​ the​ ends. Conditioning is​ an​ important step to​ replace needed oils and provide protection from styling agents such as​ blow dryers and irons.

Your hair will look its most beautiful when you​ choose a​ style that requires the​ least amount of​ heat and product damage. Protecting your hair with conditioners is​ key,​ but choosing a​ style that suits the​ texture of​ your hair will eliminate the​ need for​ more torturous styling tools.

Frizzy and dry hair can benefit from the​ application of​ silicone based products. Bear in​ mind that a​ little goes a​ long way and concentrate the​ product on​ the​ ends of​ your hair.

When blow drying keep the​ blow dryer at​ least six inches from your hair to​ prevent excessive damage from the​ heat. Blow drying in​ the​ direction of​ the​ shaft (down the​ length of​ hair) will create a​ smoother appearance.

Anytime you​ use chemicals in​ your hair you​ should make sure your hair is​ in​ a​ healthy condition before applying the​ treatment. Overuse of​ these treatments can damage hair beyond repair and affect the​ results of​ the​ products.

Your hair will look shinier and feel thicker when you​ remove dried and split ends. Trimming the​ hair every 6 to​ 8 weeks will keep it​ looking its best.

Taking simple steps to​ maintain healthy hair will put you​ on​ track to​ more 'good hair days' than you​ ever thought possible!

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