Harness The Power Of RSS News Feeds For Your Marketing Strategies

RSS news feeds are a​ great form of​ communication in​ the​ viral marketing game,​ and when properly managed,​ these feeds can bring in​ significant internet traffic. the​ meaning of​ RSS is​ actually not very clear. RSS may stand for Really Simple Syndication while others believe its Rich Site Summary or​ Rich Syndication Standard. the​ creator of​ RSS directory is​ considered to​ be Netscape. it​ was released in​ March 1999 and is​ used to​ syndicate news or​ information and is​ usually associated with blogs because blogs use an​ RSS news feed to​ distribute their content. These RSS feeds are found in​ RSS directories where content is​ updated on​ a​ 24/7 basis.

The great thing about RSS directories is​ that they are categorized,​ making it​ easier to​ find information.

How can you​ take advantage of​ RSS news feeds?

You can use RSS news feeds as​ an​ online marketing and search engine optimization tool. Just as​ optimizing a​ web page will increase exposure,​ so will a​ properly optimized RSS news feed. Follow a​ few simple tips to​ help improve your RSS feed exposure.

If you​ publish your own content or​ articles you​ can submit to​ article directories which now also are starting to​ incorporate RSS as​ well. People are on​ the​ internet for Information and websites contain this information. Website owners need new and updated information on​ a​ daily basis to​ feed their readers needs.

The channel title is​ one of​ the​ most important aspects of​ your RSS news feed. it​ should be keyword rich and related to​ the​ general theme of​ the​ RSS feed. the​ channel title is​ important because it​ is​ a​ first glimpse at​ the​ RSS feed,​ and what will capture the​ attention of​ the​ casual internet surfer. Also many of​ the​ RSS directories and search engines use the​ information in​ the​ RSS feed's channel title to​ index the​ feed so it​ is​ important that the​ information be relevant to​ the​ contents in​ the​ feed.

The channel description expands on​ the​ theme of​ the​ RSS news feed and gives an​ overview as​ to​ its content. the​ channel description should contain related keywords and phrases,​ but just like the​ channel title,​ it​ should be written to​ capture the​ attention of​ the​ reader.

The RSS feed item title is​ really nothing more than a​ headline and is​ similar to​ a​ web page title,​ this is​ your opportunity to​ grab the​ interest of​ your reader. the​ use of​ pertinent keywords and keyword phrases in​ the​ item title will help those searching for specific content.

RSS news feeds should be search engine optimized ,​ using the​ same techniques as​ those used on​ a​ web site,​ Grammar and proper punctuation are important and will say a​ lot about the​ quality of​ your content.

Remove old items in​ an​ RSS feed and archive contents to​ make sure that feeds load quickly in​ RSS readers. if​ you​ are using a​ third party hosting,​ feeds that are too large will be truncated or​ not display at​ all.

Add an​ image to​ your RSS news feed to​ make it​ visually appealing in​ an​ RSS reader. Most RSS readers will display the​ image above the​ contents,​ and this is​ a​ great way to​ present a​ brand logo and establish recognition. Be sure to​ include the​ full URL to​ the​ image to​ avoid a​ broken link.

There is​ true power in​ the​ marketing ability of​ RSS news feeds and with just a​ little knowledge; you​ too can harness this great new marketing tool!

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