Hanukkah Decoration

A lot of​ people do not realize that Hanukkah is​ not actually all that important of​ a​ holiday in​ Jewish tradition​ .​
Unlike Christmas, which traditionally celebrates the birth of​ Jesus Christ, Hanukkah celebrates what was thought to​ be a​ pretty minor military victory in​ Jewish tradition​ .​
It was usually celebrated with the giving of​ pocket money or​ chocolates called Hanukkah gelt, lighting of​ candles, and​ eating certain​ foods.
Nonetheless, under the influence of​ the American Christmas holiday tradition, Hanukkah has become a​ big holiday .​
Hanukkah decorations, Hanukkah presents, and​ a​ festive holiday spirit have now become a​ part of​ the year for​ many Jewish families.
in​ many ways, Hanukkah decoration​ is​ a​ lot like Christmas decoration​ .​
for​ example, lights play a​ role in​ each of​ them .​
Also, Hanukkah decoration​ often involves hanging banners and​ designs of​ brightly colored paper .​
on​ the whole, however, decorations for​ Hanukkah are a​ lot simpler .​
Outdoor Christmas lights, animated Christmas displays, and​ the like have no equivalent in​ Jewish holiday season​ celebrations.
When it​ comes down to​ it, the only Hanukkah decoration​ that really counts is​ the Hanukkah menorah .​
Growing up in​ a​ Jewish family, I​ always felt a​ little bit left out when all of​ my friends got to​ trim their Christmas trees, but at​ least I​ got to​ play with fire! Hanukkah menorahs have nine candles – one for​ each of​ the eight days of​ the holiday, and​ an​ extra one which you​ use to​ light the others .​
of​ course, there are other Hanukkah decoration​ ideas that can really help to​ set the right atmosphere .​
Putting up a​ Happy Hanukkah banner is​ a​ no-brainer, but you​ can go a​ lot farther in​ creating the right setting for​ a​ good holiday .​
Putting up fold-out dreidels that you​ can hang from the ceiling is​ a​ neat way to​ celebrate the holiday .​
you​ can also use little goodies, such as​ dreidels and​ bags of​ chocolate money to​ help kids to​ get into the spirit of​ things .​
Children love unwrapping and​ eating those tasty little chocolates, and​ they can also use them to​ gamble over games of​ dreidel .​
Having an​ extra Hanukkah menorah or​ two can also help to​ brighten the holiday by letting you​ put up more candles around the table .​
The important thing is​ to​ have fun with your​ decorations .​
The point of​ it​ all, after all, is​ to​ really celebrate and​ enjoy the holiday.

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