Handwriting Analysis Handwriting Is Brain Writing

Handwriting actually could be called brain writing. When You first began to​ form letters,​ you had to​ think how to​ make each one of​ them; they were somewhat shaky. it​ was not unlike learning to​ drive a​ car. When you first started to​ shift the​ gears you also had to​ think about pushing the​ clutch in,​ what gear to​ engage,​ how far out and how quickly to​ release the​ clutch. When you first started learning how to​ write,​ it​ was the​ same. But after a​ short time,​ your subconscious mind began to​ take over the​ duties of​ forming the​ letters. as​ you progress further,​ your subconscious began to​ learn words. Then you had only to​ think of​ the​ meaning and your subconscious mind sent minute electrical impulses to​ your hand telling you how far to​ go and how to​ make each letter within the​ word. Thus you began to​ write without conscious thought of​ the​ writing formation. in​ other words,​ your brain or​ subconscious mind actually formed the​ characters as​ a​ result of​ habit. the​ pressure of​ your pen and the​ formation of​ each part of​ each letter shows your subconscious thinking.

Writing does not reveal the​ age nor the​ gender of​ a​ writer. Probably the​ most amazing thing of​ all is​ that you cannot tell whether the​ pen or​ pencil was held in​ the​ hand,​ between the​ toes,​ or​ in​ the​ mouth. Since writing is​ brain writing,​ the​ individual character traits will still come forth,​ no matter how the​ pen is​ held. People do change,​ and so does their handwriting. Handwriting of​ a​ very changeable person will have various slants,​ thicknesses,​ and weight of​ strokes. Handwriting actually fluctuates with your mood. Handwriting analysis is​ not fortune telling. ther are in​ fact,​ many businesses which have analysts on​ their staff.

Handwriting Analysis not only reveals what you are and what you might have been,​ but also you clues as​ to​ what you might still become. it​ is​ a​ important diagnostic tool and is​ used not only for evaluation of​ personality,​ but also to​ great advantage in​ screening personnel. it​ has saved time,​ money and trouble for many large and small corporations. it​ eliminates employing people in​ positions for which they are not suited,​ and is​ used to​ place the​ right person in​ the​ right job.

THe graphic gesture of​ expressive movement of​ the​ pen often shows many problems of​ human relationships. it​ is​ a​ key to​ unlock personality and open the​ door to​ understanding. Practically all information is​ finalized on​ a​ piece of​ paper. Knowledge accumulates when it​ is​ ther for permanancy and examination. the​ pen is​ indeed more potent than the​ spoken word. to​ put it​ another way,​ the​ pen is​ mightier than the​ sword.

Personality,​ emotions,​ intellect and energy are all revealed by your handwriting. Although it​ may change from day to​ day,​ the​ basic characteristics remain the​ same,​ what changes are your moods. Medicine or​ Psychology,​ handwriting analysis is​ an​ empirical science. it​ combines a​ study of​ physical and emotional factors which can enable one to​ better understand himself and others,​ to​ develope his strengths and cope with his weaknesses. No two people have the​ same handwriting,​ just as​ no two people have the​ same fingerprints,​ voice,​ character,​ or​ physical appearance.

Article Written By J. Foley


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