Halloween Decorations 63 Must Have Craft Items

Halloween Decorations: 63 Must Have Craft Items
Halloween is​ a​ fun time of​ year, especially if​ you​ love making craft projects .​
Homemade Halloween craft projects can range from the very simple Halloween paper crafts, to​ an​ elaborate display .​
if​ the whole family is​ going to​ participate in​ making Halloween decorations, then you​ should plan way ahead of​ time and​ know exactly what items you’ll need to​ create all the spooky critters and​ creatures that will adorn your​ home.
It’s a​ good idea to​ buy either plastic drawer organizers, and/or storage boxes to​ keep all of​ the common​ tools and​ craft supplies you’ll be using--all in​ an​ easy-to-find place .​
Do your​ shopping early so that you’ll have plenty of​ time to​ find everything you’ll need .​
It’s also a​ good idea to​ keep specific items in​ separate compartments or​ boxes and​ label them clearly.
Here is​ a​ list of​ craft supplies and​ tools you​ may want to​ have on​ hand:
** Art brushes
** Craft knife
** Decorative edge craft scissors
** Dressmaker’s wheel
** Foam Paintbrushes
** Hot glue gu​n and​ glue sticks
** Kitchen knife
** Hole punch with a​ heart, star, or​ other designs
** Paintbrushes
** Palette knife or​ plastic knife
** Paper scissors
** Pinking shears
** Pencils and​ ballpoint pens
** Rubber mallot
** Acetate film
** Acrylic craft paint
** Cardboard
** Clear acrylic sealer
** Colored construction​ paper
** Decorative grommets
** Double-sided tape
** Epoxy adhesive
** Flexible jewelry wire
** Foam-core board
** Liquid fabric stiffener
** Magnetic tape
** Masking tape (regular and​ black)
** Manilla paper
** Poster board (especially black)
** Rubber bands
** Scrap paper and​ old newspapers
** Sharp-tipped markers
** Snaps
** Spray adhesive
** Spray matte finish
** Tacking glue
** Tracing paper
** Transfer or​ carbon​ paper
** White paper glue
** Artificial gemstones
** Attachable alphabetical letters
** Battery operated tea lights
** Beads
** Buttons
** Cheesecloth
** Christmas lights
** Craft sticks
** Flat stick-on​ foamies
** Foam plastic balls and​ 3D shapes
** Glitter
** Googly eyes
** Liquid beads
** Microbeads
** Mosaic tiles
** Pipe cleaners
** Plastic bugs and​ other critters
** Polyfill webbing
** Pompoms
** Preformed cardboard shapes
** Ribbon
** Sequins
** Taper, tea, votive candles

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