Hairspray Tickets See A New Broadway Classic Live

Hairspray Tickets See A New Broadway Classic Live

Hairspray Tickets - See a​ New Broadway Classic Live
Hairspray tickets have been available for​ several shows at​ theaters around the​ country in​ recent years,​ and this production has taken several markets by storm due to​ its unmatched quality in​ several respects .​
Although the​ launch of​ the​ show was relatively recent compared to​ other classics,​ Hairspray has already taken its well-earned spot among the​ elite Broadway productions .​
a​ look at​ a​ few aspects of​ the​ show below will help explain why Hairspray will be an​ integral part of​ the​ theater scene for​ years to​ come.
About the​ Story
Hairspray is​ the​ story of​ a​ girl named Tracy Turnblad,​ an​ aspiring dancer who hopes to​ earn a​ place on​ a​ local television show called the​ Corny Collins Show .​
the​ show is​ actually based on​ a​ Baltimore-based program called the​ Buddy Dean Show in​ Baltimore,​ Maryland .​

Tracy is​ an​ unknown in​ the​ dancing world when she auditions,​ but she is​ chosen for​ a​ spot and against long odds becomes a​ dancing celebrity nearly overnight .​
Tracy is​ emboldened by this newfound status,​ and she decides to​ use her fame to​ make positive changes to​ the​ program .​
the​ fundamental basis for​ these positive changes involves race .​
Tracy wants to​ racially integrate the​ program,​ and as​ one could imagine,​ she is​ met with much resistance .​

Production History
Hairspray tickets first became available at​ the​ 5th Avenue Theatre in​ Seattle before its successful run led it​ to​ the​ Neil Simon Theatre on​ Broadway August 15,​ 2002 .​
the​ play continues to​ run on​ Broadway,​ and has made several successful tours of​ the​ United States in​ order to​ meet demand .​

The story itself is​ based on​ the​ 1988 movie by John Waters of​ the​ same name,​ and theater fans and experts alike have raved about its quality in​ several respects .​
That respect was shown in​ tangible form when the​ theater production won an​ incredible eight Tony Awards in​ the​ following disciplines: Best Musical,​ Best Book of​ a​ Musical,​ Best Original Score,​ Best Performance by a​ Leading Actor,​ Best Performance by a​ Leading Actress,​ Best Performance by a​ Featured Actor,​ Best Costume Design and Best Direction of​ a​ Musical .​

As a​ result of​ this nearly-unprecedented level of​ success,​ the​ show is​ currently being adapted into a​ musical film that’s set for​ release in​ 2007 .​
If you’d like to​ see a​ true modern Broadway classic,​ Hairspray tickets will provide you​ with everything you​ could ever hope to​ experience with a​ night at​ the​ theatre.

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