Hairloss Treatments And Types

Hairloss Treatments and​ Types
Many people ask us what is​ the​ most effective hairloss treatment . ​
Well,​ like any good question there is​ more than one answer . ​
Hairloss is​ probably the​ most discussed health condition . ​
we​ all experience hairloss . ​
Only that some experience it​ in​ earlier stages of​ their lives . ​
But not all hair losses were born equal . ​
There are different types of​ hairloss and​ for​ each there are several possible hairloss treatments
1 . ​
Androgenetic alopecia This is​ the​ most common type of​ hairloss Also known as​ male pattern hairloss or​ female pattern hairloss . ​
This type of​ hairloss is​ related to​ the​ effects of​ genetics . ​

The cause for​ this hair loss type is​ the​ production in​ the​ body of​ a​ chemical called DHT . ​
the​ production of​ DHT causes the​ hair follicles to​ shrink and​ gradually damages the​ hair growth process to​ the​ inventible permanent hairloss . ​

There is​ a​ wide selection of​ hairloss treatments for​ the​ male pattern hairloss most of​ them claim to​ lower the​ amount of​ DHT . ​
There are pills like the​ FDA approved Propecia also known as​ finasteride and​ natural hairloss treatments like Revivogen or​ Advecia . ​
Other types of​ hairloss treatments for​ people that suffer from male pattern baldness are hair transplant surgery or​ medical hair restoration . ​

2 . ​
Temporary hairloss Also known as​ telogen effluvium . ​
in​ those cases hair will regrow within a​ few months . ​
the​ most common temporary hairloss is​ called Alopecia Areata a​ loss of​ hair small patches . ​
Temporary hairloss can also be a​ result of​ certain medication or​ medical treatments like Chemotherapy . ​
Unfortunately,​ there are no reliable hairloss treatments for​ theses cases . ​

3 . ​
Anagen Efluvium This hairloss type refers to​ permanent hairloss caused by damages to​ the​ hair structure . ​
it​ could be a​ result of​ a​ psychosomatic condition like stress or​ of​ medical condition as​ diabetes,​ thyroid disorders,​ immune disorders etc . ​
the​ hairloss treatments for​ theses cases should be decided by a​ doctor according to​ the​ medical condition . ​
in​ some cases where there is​ no available hairloss treatment people choose to​ wear hats or​ wigs . ​

It is​ important to​ realize that in​ most of​ the​ cases hairloss could be prevented and​ stopped using the​ proper hairloss treatments . ​
So,​ don’t wait for​ miracles . ​
Stop you​ hairloss . ​

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