Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair Transplantation Surgery
Proper hair transplant information is​ important before going for​ a​ hair transplantation surgery . ​
Hair transplantation is​ the​ process of​ transplanting hairbearing portion of​ the​ scalp onto the​ bald area . ​
Recent technological advances have made the​ operation more convenient,​ affordable and​ effective . ​

Some basic hair transplant facts

Hair transplantation operation involves several steps like presurgery care,​ postoperation care . ​

Presurgery care you​ are supposed to​ follow certain preoperation precautionary measures . ​
for​ example,​ you​ need to​ follow the​ list of​ dos and​ don’ts provided by the​ surgeon . ​
These dos and​ don’ts include abstaining from ​alcohol​ and​ medicines not prescribed by the​ surgeon . ​

Postoperative care you​ have to​ take certain precautions after the​ transplantation . ​
for​ example,​ you​ must not expose the​ operated area to​ sunlight for​ some days . ​
Shampoos and​ chemicals are also to​ be shunned . ​

You may experience falling of​ displaced hair from the​ recipient zone . ​
it​ is​ a​ perfectly normal phenomenon . ​

Hair transplant cost the​ hair transplant cost depends mainly on​ the​ clinic and​ the​ surgeon’s fees . ​
the​ required number of​ grafts,​ that depends on​ the​ balding area size,​ also matters in​ this regard . ​

Hair transplantation is​ the​ most effective way to​ deal with pattern baldness . ​
the​ process entails removal of​ the​ scalp’s hairbearing portion and​ transplanting it​ onto the​ bald patch . ​
Recent technological advances have enhanced the​ convenience and​ affordability of​ the​ surgery,​ making it​ most popular method of​ medical hair restoration . ​

Follicular unit transplantation

A discussion offering basic hair transplant information is​ incomplete without a​ special discussion on​ follicular unit transplantation . ​
This process is​ considered the​ most effective among the​ various hair restoration methods . ​
the​ surgery involves transplanting hair from the​ permanent zone in​ the​ back of​ the​ scalp onto the​ affected areas . ​

The donor tissue is​ removed in​ one piece to​ ensure that the​ follicular units being relocated from the​ scalp back are not damaged . ​
an​ integral part of​ follicular unit transplantation is​ singlestrip harvesting . ​
it​ ensures that no damage is​ caused to​ the​ individual hair follicles . ​

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