Hair Transplant Procedures For Young Men

Hair Transplant Procedures for​ Young Men
There was a​ time when no one would even think of​ doing hair transplant surgery on​ young men . ​
it​ was agonizing for​ this group of​ young people because thinning,​ balding,​ and​ receding hairlines often started before they got out of​ their teens . ​
Now the​ procedure is​ being opened to​ young men but with restrictions . ​

Because losing hair at​ such a​ young age is​ very traumatic,​ hair transplant doctors do not like to​ go along with the​ patients snap decisions . ​
After an​ indepth consultation,​ the​ doctor will do everything in​ his power to​ put off the​ surgery . ​
He will ask the​ patient to​ come back for​ a​ final consultation in​ six months or​ so . ​
Many doctors will refuse to​ do immediate hair transplants if​ they are put to​ the​ test . ​

There are advantages to​ getting hair transplant surgery under the​ age of​ 25 . ​
Most of​ these patients are healthy . ​
They do not usually take medications . ​
They are often optimistic and​ have the​ motivation required to​ make the​ commitment needed for​ what may end up being lifelong treatment . ​

When a​ young man gets a​ hair transplant procedure,​ it​ can avert many problems with low self esteem and​ lack of​ self confidence . ​
With older men,​ these attitudes are already ingrained so that it​ takes some doing to​ change them . ​
if​ the​ hair restoration is​ started early enough,​ the​ young patient need never feel the​ stigma of​ being bald for​ very long at​ all . ​

A doctor who is​ skilled in​ doing hair transplant procedures on​ young people will do some investigation before tackling such a​ project . ​
He will ask to​ see members of​ the​ family to​ assess their hair loss and​ how the​ young person might inherit hair loss traits from the​ family . ​
if​ family members cannot be present,​ the​ doctor might ask for​ photos . ​

One trick of​ doctors,​ who work to​ give young people hair transplant surgeries,​ is​ to​ guide them in​ setting the​ hairline . ​
a​ young person will usually want a​ fairly low hairline . ​
He remembers the​ way it​ was just a​ few short years ago and​ wants to​ duplicate the​ image . ​

A good hair transplant surgeon will discourage a​ low hairline . ​
Instead,​ he will campaign for​ a​ higher hairline . ​
There are several advantages to​ this . ​
One is​ that,​ with less top hair to​ cover,​ more donor hair will be saved . ​
Since the​ young patient will be dealing with this problem for​ a​ long time,​ this is​ a​ necessary consideration . ​

When the​ hair transplant surgeon achieves a​ higher hairline,​ he will be able to​ get more fullness on​ the​ top of​ the​ head because he has less to​ cover . ​
This is​ not to​ say the​ young person will have a​ receding hairline when the​ procedure is​ complete; just that the​ hairline will not be too low . ​

There is​ no reason for​ young people to​ enter adulthood without a​ full head of​ hair if​ they can get a​ hair transplant . ​
This option is​ now open to​ them . ​
it​ is​ bound to​ make many young men very happy . ​

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