Hair Transplant Procedures Costs

Hair Transplant Procedures & Costs
Hair loss due to​ androgenetic alopecia or​ pattern baldness is​ a​ condition that affects both men and​ women . ​
Surgical hair transplantation is​ the​ only solution for​ restoring the​ lost hair in​ pattern baldness when medical hair restoration does not offer you​ a​ good hair regrowth . ​

If you​ have welldefined and​ clearly established areas or​ patterns of​ baldness on​ the​ crown with healthy dense coverage of​ hair at​ the​ sides and​ the​ back of​ the​ head,​ you​ are probably suitable for​ a​ hair transplant surgery . ​
Hair that is​ transplanted in​ the​ frontal region of​ the​ skull generally offers the​ best results . ​
However,​ a​ hair transplant procedure can also be carried out on​ any other area of​ your head if​ you​ have some bald patch there . ​

It is​ best to​ have detailed information about the​ hair transplant procedure before you​ make plans to​ undergo a​ surgery . ​
it​ is​ only after you​ have read through all the​ information that you​ can understand and​ appreciate the​ significance of​ surgical hair restoration . ​
the​ information will also help you​ decider whether you​ are the​ right candidate for​ the​ hair transplant surgery . ​

Now that you​ are well informed,​ you​ would probably think whether the​ hair transplantation is​ at​ all affordable? Hair transplant cost varies depending upon your past medical history,​ the​ degree and​ extent of​ your hair loss,​ possibility of​ medical hair restoration as​ an​ adjunct for​ surgical hair restoration,​ number of​ sessions that would will be required for​ hair transplant surgery,​ etc . ​
it​ is​ after placing due considerations to​ these factors that your hair restoration surgeon will be able to​ chalk out an​ affordable hair transplant treatment plan for​ you​ . ​

Before you​ make a​ decision to​ undergo hair transplant procedure,​ it​ is​ better that you​ make a​ consultation visit to​ the​ hair transplantation surgeon . ​
This consultation will give you​ some idea about the​ hair transplant cost for​ your surgery . ​

In general,​ the​ average hair transplant cost in​ USA ranges from $3,​690 to​ $ 9,​ 800 . ​
in​ some cases it​ can also be as​ high as​ $ 15,​ 000 . ​
the​ hair transplant cost varies considerably from person to​ person,​ and​ also depends on​ how many grafts you​ need,​ the​ number of​ sessions involved,​ and​ the​ hair transplant center or​ clinic you​ visit . ​
Clinics in​ California charge more on​ average than clinics in​ Texas . ​
Going to​ Canada or​ to​ Mexico for​ the​ hair transplant will be cheaper . ​

Remember that the​ hair transplant prices should not be the​ main reason for​ choosing a​ particular hair transplant surgeon,​ though it​ is​ an​ important factor for​ most patients . ​
the​ cost of​ hair transplant surgery at​ most hair restoration centers in​ the​ USA is​ based on​ the​ size of​ a​ hair transplant session not on​ the​ number of​ hair follicle units transplanted . ​
This is​ simply because some grafts contain more hair follicles than others . ​

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