Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Whats In Your Shampoo

Hair Today,​ Gone Tomorrow Whats in​ Your Shampoo?
Do you​ think the​ shampoo youre using is​ loaded with tons of​ healthy,​ natural ingredients like the​ package promises? Think again . ​

Today,​ ​Drug​store aisles are packed with hair care and​ body care products that claim to​ be chock full of​ nutritional ingredients for​ your hair and​ skin,​ but in​ reality,​ they could be causing you​ more harm than good . ​
This is​ due in​ part to​ the​ fact that the​ beauty industry is​ largely selfregulated,​ meaning the​ Food and​ ​Drug​ Administration rarely steps in​ to​ oversee what kinds of​ chemicals are going into the​ pretty packaging the​ beauty biz is​ known for​ . ​

The truth is​ that common elements added to​ shampoo to​ make the​ product lather up can actually strip away the​ hairs natural moisture balance and​ damage hair follicles,​ which can result in​ hair loss . ​

Companies will then suggest using the​ shampoos sister product conditioner to​ repair the​ loss of​ moisture artificially after the​ damage to​ the​ hair has already been done . ​

To educate the​ public on​ the​ harmful ingredients found in​ many shampoos and​ the​ industrys misleading claims,​ a​ company called Blinc Inc . ​
is​ making official government research on​ the​ subject simple and​ accessible on​ its Web site . ​

For instance,​ many have been told to​ change their shampoo periodically,​ but they are not told why . ​

According to​ Blinc,​ this is​ because most shampoos are made with harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate and​ ammonium lauryl/laureth sulfate,​ which can weaken hair to​ environmental pollution and​ dry it​ out over time . ​
Therefore,​ you​ are asked to​ change your brand or​ use conditioners loaded with more questionable ingredients that can prevent your hair and​ scalp from breathing . ​

The same can be said for​ styling waxes or​ siliconebased glossing serums that are so popular right now . ​
These products may add a​ temporary sheen to​ lackluster hair,​ but soon begin to​ build up on​ your strands,​ causing them to​ lose their volume and​ bounce . ​

What about the​ products that claim to​ be allnatural? According to​ Blinc,​ very few shampoos are allnatural,​ and​ the​ ones that truly are have very little shelf life and​ produce poor cleansing results . ​

It is​ surprising how many hair care products claiming to​ be allnatural contain synthetic ingredients,​ said Lewis Farsedakis,​ founder and​ chief executive officer of​ Blinc Inc . ​

At Blinc,​ we​ want to​ raise consumer awareness and​ draw on​ the​ best that nature and​ science has to​ offer in​ developing our 99 . ​
8 percent vegetablederived hair and​ body care products,​ Farsedakis said . ​
Hair care products should lather and​ cleanse effectively without creating buildup or​ causing harm to​ the​ skin,​ eyes or​ hair . ​

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